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There will be a payoff down the line for his cougar players appreciate the guys who have You know who made it through, and I think they'll be better Leaders because of this year was incredibly hard, but I think they'll be better. You know, future leaders of this of this world and their families because the adversity they faced this year. That's how I wanna look at it. The Mariners had the worst bullpen in the American League last season. So upgrading the relief pitching this offseason. Definitely our priority in his first trade of the winter Today, mirrors jam Jerry DiPoto got some relief help. The M sent 17 year old pitching prospect Who's a Cornell and a player to be named later to the Rangers for right handed reliever Rafael Montero, Montero's 30. He was a Raiders closer last season, going eight for eight and save opportunities. This is like the start of the bullpen overhaul. Dusky basketball team has won one game so far this season. They're one and four. The Huskies coming off a Saturday lost organ U Dub. We'll be home tomorrow night to match up with Montana and nonconference game. The Grizzlies also off to a one and four star, but that doesn't matter. Any time. The dogs in Montana play. It's a good game. They've given us a game a hard game every year. Other tough, their physical they're organized and they play exceptionally hard and be a great Tested challenge for us. Sanford Women's basketball coach Tara VanDerveer is that Sanford is the top women's basketball team in the country. Today they pound Pacific one of 4 61. Would that win their Stanford head coach Tara VanDerveer. Career win number 1099 With that vein of you have passes Pat Summitt to become the all time leader in victories in Division one woman's basketball Pretty cool while you're playing the knight is from the world. Cricket the whole BART Hurricanes verse to Adelaide Strikers Tim David hits it to the outfield. Matt Renshaw grabs the ball and fires at the wickets to gun down Nathan Ellis right before he crossed the line. If you hit the wicked with the ball before a battle across the crease in front of the wicked the batteries out That was a great throw Me was right on the line is cricket one on one. We need days to explain this whole game, but the Adelaide.

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