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IT s big welcome in back in. GMC soccer podcast. I'm your host. who gets more gives a follow on twitter at GMC underscores soccer facebook GS MC soccer like it? If a like you find this podcast Real Madrid. They have an advantage manage in Lega over Barcelona. We've talked about the reasons about this on this show. Barcelo fires that are manager then can't get out of its own way against Valencia. Kiki said tens on rough patch. You can't go and fire him after you fire the last guy because you're going to run out of bodies that can actually run this thing rumors that Barcelona players are running practices. Players are making the lion. Now you can deny those rumors all they want but they're bad rumors to have around your team in that puts rahm adrift in a really interesting position this weekend. Athletico Madrid who struggled this year currently in fifth behind severe and Guitar. riffing thank. We'll head in to the Bernabeu in face. Real Madrid. Who has won its last five matches while Athletico only one win in the last five that came over Barcelona earlier this month? They drew in the Premier Division. The LALITA ATHLETICO couldn't get a goal against right now. The nineteenth team in the league on the table so Athletico and not good straits right now three losses before or that including a penalty loss in the supercup in Saudi Arabia against Real Madrid and Real Madrid. To me is a team in for. This is a team that is absolutely rolling this is a team of Zenit Sadan at the forefront this match kickoff ten am eastern. On Saturday morning. This is a team that has tons of talent. They're organized they believe in their manager and they understand how big of an opportunity this is this weekend. A Win Against Athletico means you pick up wins against severe. Who's right now third and league? You pick up a win against Athletico's fifth fifth in league and your rival in Madrid so you would be at forty nine points. Maybe Barcelona wins but you still have a three point advantage against them. You have way more momentum van them your schedule will be software. Moving forward Dan Barcelona's and with the way Barcelona's going. They might not have this. This thing figured out yet if you can find a way to get three points if you're Real Madrid tomorrow in Barcelona slips up you're talking about a six point lead in Lalita and Real Madrid who. I sat on this show. Four weeks ago should be the favorite moving forward even though these teams were tied at forty points halfway through the season. Real Madrid will be very much in the driver's seat in Lalita. If those things happen this weekend it's a massive weekend in Spain. Hoodoo I think's GonNa win this match up. I think it's Real Madrid. I think they understand the importance there against a team. That hasn't been good as years. Passed passed a team. That's not informed in Athletico Madrid. A team who athletico honestly be more focused on their Champions League draw their round of sixteen in a couple of weeks then they are this match against Real Madrid in a league race that they don't think they can compete in their ten points behind Real Madrid and that's a tough tough thing to make up with about thirteen. Fourteen matches left so athletico might not even be fully focused on this one and if you drop one to Madrid athletic will be able to recover athletico finish in the top four. They're not really worried about that. And obviously common rival but I get Real Madrid at home too so this feels this feels like a Real Madrid win. This feels like a team that has a manager has a culture has a way of doing business. This is the type of game were teams that have all those things tend to take care of business and I expect I expect that from Real Madrid this weekend and it will put Barcelona on skates. If they find a way to lose. That would be rough Dow. It'd be awfully rough for Barcelona rougher. Their Fans Madrid has a real opportunity opportunity. Right now to make a run in Lalita. Let's take a look at the five thirty eight league standings in terms of how they you think this is GonNa play out. We look at the standings so far they think Real Madrid will win the league. They have them winning the league. Sixty four percent of their simulations with Barcelona celona winning thirty three percent. It's Vienna Madrid coming at one percent. And that's yeah. That's that's looking pretty pretty good in terms of statistics in terms of projections and those projections will widen very far if this weekend. Real Madrid were able to beat Athletico. Let it go. FIVETHIRTYEIGHT has Real Madrid fifty eight percent favorites against Athletico Madrid. Barcelona there eighty six percent favorites and they should win. Will they win though. We'll talk about that match on the other side of the break you're listening to the MC soccer podcast. Are.

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