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Award japan's defense minister has expressed concern that america will hold regular military exercises held with south korea as part of a nuclear deal with the north he says the drills were necessary for the region security and you study shows that one in five wild mammals in the uk is at risk of extinction according to research by the mental society and natural england they include the red squirrel the wildcat and the grey long eared bat it's twenty three minutes to nine seven million yemenis depend on food medicine and essential supplies that entered the country through a single point the port of her data on the red sea in the last few hours warships and fighter planes lead by saudi arabia have begun an assault on it they had demanded that hutu rebels backed by ron withdrew from the city the uae's leading part of that coalition in its junior foreign minister unware gaga has been speaking to all security correspondent frank gardner we will do everything that tees in order to secure her they'd do two things i think firstly to ensure that the calculus on the political side changes and realize that they have to come to the table they have to agree to pull all the relishes out of the capitol and out of all the major urban areas and not to hold a humanitarian and commercial enterprise that that we have seen in holiday hostage in order to make more money for the war effort or to control so much of the support that's coming together.

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