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Not easy to do And then we implemented it and it's running production with a million users a fifty billion dollar market cap. I mean we're point nine does he. Do you start saying well. Maybe there's something there you know. And they say no. There's nothing there and it's not secure. It can't be securities okay. Then why do you believe what you believe. And they never come back to me with an answer. Ever why believe. God didn't go through peer review process when you were the ten commandments. So sometimes it works out sometimes not The gas on that same thread tesla spacex your mosque currently investing big coin but are openly looking to explore other cryptocurrency investments. What case would you make for donna. Well if they truly care about alternative energy and sustainability in carbon reduction or carbon neutrality. You you can't be a system where there is no built in mechanism to constrain the energy consumption. You know with proof of stake. Energy consumption is a negative. It's you wanna minimize it if you can get the same amount of stuff done on a raspberry pies. You can't a big server. You're going to do it on the pie. Because ultimately that server costs energy costs is coming out of your budget with proof of work any innovation. You come up with to optimize power. You just build more essex. 'cause you know you saw thirty percent more power efficient great. I thirty percent more. You keep you keep you keep you keep adding to the worst because you want more hash power or hash. Par were share of the pie. So you have no energy savings component. I know these people are saying well. There's a lot of wasted energy in the grid and this is kind of incentivizing using that wasted energy and a better way of storing it than batteries. Because you're storing it as bitcoin instead of storing as okay. Maybe there's some truth to that but anyway it just. The energy is a critical point. For you. Like the yeah. That's exactly right..

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