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I'm not looking for Cade McNown for those you don't remember when Cade was a rookie, and they drafted him in the first round. Didn't matter who started how that quarterback was doing the first two series. They would placate McNown the third series of every game, and it didn't matter how Caid played if Kate led them on a 10 play drive. He would not get the fourth series. Um if you went home if he went three and out, and there were three runs, he would not play the fourth series. So It was just kind of weird. They were trying to get him experience I am saying is a quarterback. If you don't want Justin Fields to bite off more than he can chew as a starter, there are still ways that you can have him, be the quarterback learn and give you the best chance to win on that particular play. Because of his skill set. His throwing ability is running ability. Many different reasons. Why this isn't I'm not looking for tricks. This isn't like a trickeration thing. This is like listen to Sean McVeigh. This is one of the brightest offensive minds in the NFL. Preparing for the Bears offense would be naive for us not to prepare for them to be able to utilize him in some form or fashion. But And he's a winning quarterback in this league does a great job. I really have seen a lot of film of Andy even going back to when Jay Gruden was his coordinator at Cincinnati so very familiar with what a really good quarterback he is. He does a great job. Accurate anticipation recognizes the looks defensively can straighten up protection. So Andy Dalton is a really good quarterback, and it'll be a great challenge. And then you see the ways that Justin, you know, made a lot of players going back to his career at Ohio State. What he showed in the preseason. And so I think you got to be ready for for either or but it's gonna be a challenge for sure. So he started by saying it be naive like you believe both of them. I would probably play ball horse and and I do believe there will be a Justin Fields package that will be at their disposal. You believe Sean McVeigh when he says, Oh, yeah, we're gonna We're going to prepare for for Justin Fields package. But then you don't believe him when he goes into this long about dark. There's a new holtz description of the greatness of Andy Dalton. Pick and choose where you want to believe John Mcd a bobbin LaGrange. You're on ESPN 1000 Bobby. How you doing today? We're good. Anybody that have any eyes can see that Justin Fear is phenomenal Ballplayer. He's the best quarterback the Bears ever had in the history. So we're talking about Kate right now. It ain't even coached. So this kid control the ball, and he's very, very smart. So what are they worried about him getting great. I think they're worried about him Signing he go. He's gonna put it in the end zone. That's what's going to happen. And and then have to sit down down with that 10 minutes because he don't play. He has a lot of confidence. He saves the football player. But why? What you mean that were about him getting hurt? So now together special package for an adult night shot past. Well, I'm not sure person fulfills. He has a better harm, and he's quicker and what the coaches it coach just said about dogs. And I mean, I don't believe it's the coach's daughter was good. No right now. I think it feels I think a fields package will will be a package where you are using a quarterback out on the edge of the guy that can do things differently. Then Andy Dalton. When you talk about a fields package, that's what you know that's what everyone's like Red Zone is any really good in the Reds hours because he's a dual threat, Terry intently you're on ESPN 1000. What's up, Terry? Hey, Tom. It's good to talk to you guys. Very good, Tommy. I agree with you completely and, uh, with the established the run, but your afternoon guys kind of left me when I said don't play fields. You know, I want to play field, but I want to see like you say they have run get established. But also I want to see the the offensive Linus that was going to let them get a rhythm to get hold. And then if you want to do fields put fields in when you get elite, Not when you're behind like they did that One game, 31 points down. Let's let this kid come in with a lead sort of not the defenses of paying off out. Well, I don't think you're look, if they're they have a lead. They're not going to burn. Then I'm gonna take a quarterback changed again. We've said this 1000 times over the last several weeks. The optimal situation. The situation that makes most sense is as you play him when he's ready. The reality of the situation is he will be he will be inserted in the lineup when the team starts losing regularly, and the offense isn't doing anything and Andy Dalton isn't able to give them a spark. That may happen in week two, and they happen in week three. It may happen for them to make the change in week four. I'm not expecting Status quo to remain in place for an extended period of time. Like we've talked a lot about when he may they may stick with Andy Dalton for nine weeks. I find it really unlikely. Would never rule anything out with this crew, but I find it highly unlike first of all, I don't think that they're going to be six and three or 72 or five and four. For that matter. There's going to be a game when like when Foles came in that they're going to need a rally. And he may get that opportunity when they are down like the car doesn't want to see, but that's when usually things aren't going well. The offenses stagnant Can the kids sort of Bring everything together. And if he does, can he stay in the game? Now? I do agree with the assessment or the You know the statement that this offensive line I get it. They're never going to be an upper echelon offensive line. There's a really good chance they'll be better in week three barring injury than they are right now. Jason Peters has not played football for better than a year German of Fatty missed 90% of training camp. He got hurt in the in the conditioning test. It's not. It's not promise. It's not promising. But my point is, is that they will get better when they are in better football shape. Now there is a ceiling to how good that line can be. But you can't tell me that they won't be better in week three against the Cleveland Browns in Cleveland, and they are in week one against the Los Angeles Rams in Los Angeles. It just makes sense. Yeah. Scott and Woodridge, you're on ESPN 1008 Scotty. Hey, guys, I did say. Yeah, Exactly. I do know that page locked into, uh Having Justin Fields. I'm an Ohio boy Buckeyes fan, um, transplant here to Chicago. But he has gambled so many times on. He blinks during the draft..

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