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I don't hear anything else thank you very much thank you dear readers ivory thank you but are there you go and take the producer walking Miller to Roger all we need from you is the traffic now he just to the weather I know well I got half a job left we've got some traffic still over on lake shore drive south bound for marine park road past Belmont that's where the accident is blocking two lanes over on the outbound Eisenhower we've got serious delays between Damon and Mannheim right now forty seven minutes out from old post office to Mannheim on the tri state south bound right before can street to the Bensenville bridge we've got healthy delays there and also on the outbound Stevenson between the Dan Ryan and Central Avenue right now from lake shore drive to the tri state you're up to a forty six minute trip Roger Bannister you jam traffic central loving dead boardgame champ lost driving pro address sixty five thousand miles in my place each year if people knew what I know lives could be saved like how they are so please I simply can't see on my route the of the day a cart tried to sneak past in separate in my blind spot I turned slowly so that's the one with no car should be in the blind spot for forty thousand pound plus is is how safe visit W. W. W. dot share the road safely dot gov real ID is a new optional form of identification for people who travel domestically no you won't need a real ID to drive a car or get a bank account or a top that cute goldendoodle that you've always wanted but starting October first twenty twenty you'll need a real ID or a valid passport in order to fly head on over to real ID dot I'll and so S. dot gov to learn more if you do choose real ID just follow these steps first visit a secretary state driver services facility to take in a photo make sure to bring a proof of identity and proof of social security number you also need to proof of Illinois residency documents during your visit receive.

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