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Oh, no. You would think they lose outright and Mason Crosby. Hey, maybe he makes a field goal. And maybe they win in overtime. It's right misdemeanors time expired so McCarthy fired right after the game thirteen years in Green Bay. I was actually doing sports center at the time. And I did the breaking news broaden, Adam Schefter, gave us the news. Gave us some context. Talking about the the relationship between Aaron Rodgers and McCarthy, and then I was lucky enough to have onset next to me where Jeff Saturday who played a year with the Packers and McCarthy and then Ryan Clark who faced the Packers. And I believe the two thousand eleven Super Bowl with the Steelers and Clark says every time the Packers. I see them this season. I recognize all the plays. Not because I've been studying them this year hardcourts. I did for two weeks prepping for that Super Bowl, and literally nothing has changed in terms of offense of ingenuity. And I thought that was a fascinating comment. Well, it says a lot because I can't imagine that if you play the Rams in two thousand twenty six Sean McVay is going to be running the same place that he's running two thousand eighteen it says a lot about Mike McCarthy, and it looked like Aaron Rodgers. And that team were just kind of going through the motions. I think they were ready for coaching change. I don't think Joe Philbin is the guy that's gonna fix it. I thought he was one of the worst coaches in the league when he was in Miami. But I think that certainly it's the right thing for Green Bay to do. And they've only got so many years left of Aaron Rodgers prime for them to miss the playoffs. Two years in a row with Aaron Rodgers their starting quarterback is re I know last season was mostly because he got hurt. So there's an excuse there. But what's their excuse this season to be one of the worst teams in their division? When they have Aaron Rodgers as their starting quarterback is ridiculous. Own six on the road as well. Never sign of a strong team. And I I just think it's funny. How people like well he won. He won a Super Bowl they owed, and they don't own any you pay someone millions and millions of dollars. Like, let's not forget the transactional relationship. It's it goes back to when Kobe. They're like, well, they owed Kobe that max deal at the league. Now, they paid them to three hundred four million dollars. Now, they don't always guys anything you could say they own because of the branding. He helped the franchise in the salary cap limit. That's fine. Give him an executive position and pay him ten million dollars a year after he's retired for twenty years. Like other franchises have done. I'm okay with that saying we owe him for the brand value, whatever because we were limited because he was certainly underpaid quote, unquote, during the times that he was an MVP candidate because the salary cap, right, obviously, LeBron's worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Right. Like, I get all that..

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