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Just a pile of rocks and debris so how do I get that right I don't wait for a city of southeast corner of the kitchen where does a good directions click open I mean her old white well unbelievable disclosing the methods and tactics unbelievable stones on this guy I always go back to the the quote from the usual suspects how do you shoot the devil in the back what if you mess right there's a lot of scenarios where this does not well it well yeah we do have a new report that says by the middle of this century an estimated one hundred and fifty million people who now live on land will be loan would be below the high tide line research will drown but what about all the other people who will have beach front property now this is half full come on Mr downside grease search by the climate center published in the journal nature communication shows that by twenty fifty rising sea levels could affect three times more people than previously thought people in many of the major coastal cities again will be under water and that's within the next thirty years they're saying what if I just put like those pool noodle things around the base of my house your phone but should work right absolutely right there you know that your news of Marshall Philip C. Armstrong get a show that conscience of the nation no high will be a Lennix city good for planet city and so good to be in Atlantic city give a date and a chance to be did you had also the year on this one is a small twenty five twenty twenty one twenty my **** that's not going to have twenty fifth No Way they say a lot of things yeah call me when you guys are running low on pull middle forties twenty fifty in his room to carry the one that's possible yeah yeah well if I if if if it doesn't happen I will figure out where your martial you are wrong click some initial phones I would suggest if the water is over your head you head inland you know people over their future reserve this show has for the future if you find yourself in hailing water head inland yeah the arms during any time pod it together for the future twenty fifty away okay something no more yeah our way I don't know whatever figure I'm supposed to be really worried about worried about it that the little Swedish strong.

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