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Hi, Laurie In June. You know I did this last week. I listened to one of our shows. They're very nice. It's so easy. Yeah. Bite size things. And it gets people are wondering about you. Sometimes they listen, and they're like, Hey, how come we didn't get to hear the Friday jukebox? Right? Get to hear new music Friday. Well, there's rules about what we put on over the air versus what we can put on Internet face forever, so we don't have rights to like playing music on the podcast where we can play him. On the air. So the how you got those out slowly the artists in the name and then say to you future people. You're going to have to go to YouTube right now. So, Yeah. How it cuts that out and stuff Because because we'll get flagged like you're not supposed to play the new Bon Jovi signal. All right, Well, okay, we gotta talk about I mean, the President Biden's in operation yesterday was full of memorable fashion moments and there was a great Story. Vanessa freed MENUS rates for The New York Times about just we've always paid attention to what the fashion is What is happening at an inauguration. Um, but yesterday, you know, it was Michelle Obama's her freshly pressed hair and her pants suit and then, uh, Kamila Harris were in the purple Pantsuit than her stepdaughter wearing immunity. Quote. There were lots of things leading goggles. Shit. Perelli outfit Lee, the Earth. What's your name? Sister Day lotion in the Chanel. Okay. Catherine did not like Lady Gaga is often Catherine would not know a dramatic ballgown moment. If it hit her when you symbolism in Are you being the Star Spangled Banner at a presidential inauguration? Yes. To you. A ball gown is 100% warranted, And that was shipper Ellie. It was rather beautiful white. That was like my favorite out of arm. And then last night, I thought Katy Perry's You called it the band. But Daria that buried But I love that. Look, I love that looked at nothing. Okay, I love it. It's everything from yesterday, There were many grail bashing moments. Yes, She had a beautiful outfit last night, all in cream. But the fashion moment that's reigning supreme is Bernie Sanders getting at geriatric drip and sitting in his lawn chair. In his mittens full dead. He's been MIM did into everything. Jennifer Aniston, friends Sex and the city is our parent. Every I mean, he's been mean. Everywhere you can think of. And even though it's been going on almost 24 hours, I'm not sick of it. I'm not either because it makes me laugh. Okay, But what is it with the mittens? Who knows this story about this truly of the mitten? Okay, tell me the story because they look like do we have it in the story rack? Okay. Carrie can't verify left in or not? Yeah, but we can talk about it. I mean, you were did you read about it? E. I did read about it that we cannot get these damn mittens. They were knitted by my lady. Who you know, said gave them to him as like a gift, and it's like old sweaters and plastic bags. Yes, she was like a Vermont schoolteacher that made mittens out of recycled stuff. She just gave them to him. Those mittens have their own account. I love the Demi Moore with the hands of Patrick's crazy and the mittens. That was really a creative one because the men's were going up and down. Ah, lot of people are just meaning in his whole chair. It's so funny. So his jacket that he wore which I thought was like an llB ng down jackets. A Parker and rule was Burton Snowboards, Jack. Yeah, Yeah, no people were over code. He was excessively under underdressed and far away from everybody You could tell and get the baby out with the smell. I'm just gonna read my inbox. Well, if this is not so we posted the place, but it is It really has been giving a lot of fun. Here is a report from the Today show about the many fashion that were on display yesterday. In the midst of a pandemic and political unrest. Inauguration Day wasn't just an opportunity to dress up, but.

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