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Jane Duff Discovery all morning long and over Montgomery County public schools, You're going to see a whole lot of headlines that they're 1000 Montgomery County students have to stay home and quarantine because of Covid outbreak of Covid outbreak the covid outbreak Um, let me let me let me tell you what's not in these stories, because it's critically important about what this policy is in Montgomery County and how hysteria starts to get bread in these situations where one weekend of the school year and you've got several schools now who are? This includes burning Tree Elementary, Brookhaven Elementary, Flower Valley Elementary, Greenwood Elementary And Lakeland's Park Middle School. Um, and there were dozens of Covid 19 cases confirmed in the first week of school at those schools, Of course school is closed right now for Labor Day and Paracha Shauna today and then starting tomorrow about 1000 students and staff in those schools will not be coming back. Here's what these stories don't tell you who actually tested positive. And it makes it sound like street. This is why kids shouldn't be back because their vectors and to bring this it could be the secretary at this good could be one of the teachers who didn't give back that could be one of the teachers who did get vaccinated and picked up the delta variant and summer that they don't put in here. And the reason that thousands of kids have to stay home is because of the protocols that Montgomery County has put in place. The policy says that students are sent home if they have close contact. With anyone with symptoms. They have to get a negative test to return to school in the quarantine is for 10 days, and that is, by the way with a requirement. The students and staff have to wear masks indoors. You need to understand something. This isn't happening around the world. This is not in Denmark, right? I just saw the story in Denmark. Kids are not being punished there. If there is a positive case, the person who is positive is sent home just like any other disease like you. Imagine if they did this during flu season her cold season, right? Anyone who has close contact has to stay home and quarantine for 10 days and get a negative test before they come in in Denmark right now, if there is a positive test Either the teacher or the student. They go home, and that's it and they stay home exactly and anybody who had close contact they get tested, but they're allowed to stay in. And I'm reading from the Denmark newspaper that says their new policy, it says it's no longer about containing disease spread. The kids need to be happy. In other words, they have made it a priority, recognizing how Children are not negatively affected. In any, you know, remote way compared to adults with regard to this virus and recognizing that they have therapeutics, and they have virus vaccines at their disposal that at this point going forward, the Children's best welfare, best education and Children's happiness are paramount. They get to stay home. Not thousands of kids have an abuse of this protocol number one number two We have seen in cases where they haven't sent Children home because they even though in close proximity, were wearing masks, But then the kids that were not wearing masks. It's all over the place. And I think this is why the American people are having such distress and CDC now because you're getting such mixed, missed mess messaging. I had even heard that it wasn't even six FT. Apart. It was really supposed to be three ft apart, but somehow it's morphed into six ft apart. Everything is everywhere. It's either these vaccines are working, and we're getting the vaccines or they don't either. Mass work and we're wearing them or they don't But you cannot sit here in single handling. Take 10 kids or 1000 kids and say, Can't come back to school because they were on the playground with its and by the way, this whole idea of close contact with with a symptoms a symptom can be a cough. And what is this? Contact that person cough? Were you near them on the playground? Okay, you have to quarantine now away or three point. Tim Carney, who is a A columnist at Washington Examiner and also outspoken Montgomery County parent He took to social media on this, he says, the more I think about my county's new quarantine rule. A single symptom symptom could be exhaustion. Right if you're near someone who is exhausted, and then they test positive, you need to stay home. It requires quarantine. The student in all close context, the more it seems like a malicious parting gift. By our county health officer as he cashed out to the private sector. That's right. Travis Gales Montgomery Health officer is now out of the job he has left. He took up a big paying job at the San Francisco at a startup that provides telehealth services, and this is his final going away present. It's outrageous, San Francisco Tele Work said at all, it's 8 50 on W Washington's malls. So much common sense. 5.9 FM W M A L more informed than anybody else. We're Washington comes to talk draft kings and official sports betting partner of the NFL. Given all customers the opportunity to participate in this year's no brainer. Offer a no brainer. What's the no brainer offer? Larry Okay, that you're going.

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