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Agnostic. Than when he began unraveling the human genome, he changed completely and became a believer and all of these great brains have said there is no way that what's happened is just chance. So what that what that intelligence behind the universe is? What it is who it is probably what faintest idea but I'm absolutely show that is something. Seeking for that something. Called to being human. Well Jane Goodall thank you so much It's a real honor to speak with you and a pleasure and I have be I'm very glad as I was getting ready for this that I been in your presence physically those years ago because I can imagine you and Yeah. Thank you for all the gifts you've given to. Really, I loved talking to you and I was depressed my video video so I can see you. Don't actually I only have sound. Yes Sorry I'm sad about that. But maybe in strange world we inhabit we will physically be in the same place again one of. Okay good. I'm glad to hear you say that. I always. Yeah. It would be. His Senior Prom. That's state say. That he is special special. Dog. Here is. Mum. Kooky people in my life and they gradient dated Rabia was up here but he's He's gone each case. But. He's in the house. Yeah. Okay. Thinking to you. Thank you so much. I. Hope that the sound isn't too bad after all themselves worries. I think it will be fine. It will be fine. We will make it work and and it's your voice. So I wish you a rest of your day and thank you for taking this time with us..

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