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I mean, I think that he's like, look, we're looking for guys to take in the late rounds. Then for us, we play some deep leaks. This young man who I would now consider just based on some what I'm seeing in the preseason. There's not Larry FitzGerald is receiver I trust there and he's going to get the bulk of the volume, but the system exciting. I think he's got some potential there. It's interesting. He's a talented player, and we've been waiting for quite some time for a second wide receiver to emerge opposite of Larry Fisher that you could trust consistently fantasy mad the smoky Brown tenure, and we've had other players. You know, more distant, like and bold mix cetera. I'm not quite there on Christian, Kirk, Matthew, are you quite there yet on Cameron? Meredith, the saints number. Like there's somebody I would rather take in the late around and Kristen Kirk, like, I mean, I, I hear what's to you're saying about Christian kurkin. Listen, former texts, CENA Maggie. Obviously, you know, I grew up there. That's that's my college team that in Syracuse where I went to school. So I've watched a lot of Christian Kirk over the years. I like Christian Kirk is a player. He played a lot of slot in college. I don't know how much success he's going to have on the outside. I don't know how much volume this offense is going to have in the passing attack beyond their if it's Gerald and David Johnson. I like Ricky seals Jones, who by the way, played eighteen of twenty two snap to the first team offense on Saturday. That's a guy that's a deeper sleeper, so I don't know about Christian Kirk. I will just say that there are other guys like we talked about late Ron fires. You only get one or two of those. I mean how many, how many of those are you gonna have. So there's to me there. I'd rather I'd rather Mike Williams. The charge we're gonna talk about him. I'd I'd. Rather Danny amendola and we'll get to all those. But one of them is Cameron Meredith. You know, didn't do much obviously, but he played at least he played like that's been the question. I can't remember if is he going to be healthy and the fact that he was even on the field, even for a nanosecond tells me, hey, there's something there gimme a big target for drew. Brees has number to pass. Catcher has traditionally been very fantasy..

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