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He's running he's only reads twenty two hundred frankly a nice guy i don't think he has a prayer but it's nice guy anyway but let's get into the numbers a little bit more because kevin meyer there's no question he has he has not put in a ton of his own money in fact that i've seen but he has raised a lot but kevin meyers campaign campaign disclosure report is like the who's who of republican politics um i'm telling you as i'm looking i kevin meyers report hang on at ups that's wrong one bill walker's up okay there it is so as i'm looking at kevin meyers reporter he has all gci royalty right at the top of his report wron dunkin' gregory chapo paul landis the whole nine yards juicy eyes right there we have we have oil company people which doesn't surprise me because that's his bailiwick but what did surprise me a little bit scott hawkins lieutenant governor kennedy has maxed out kevin meyer jim janssen he's a typical donor luisa maguire former state senator she's donated to him that doesn't surprise me considering they work together so has former governor sean pernell he's donated scott heart or to kevin meyer sorry but the one that surprised me just a tiny bit on kevin meyers report vinnie the union boss donated kevin meyer now in full disclosure i have checked vinnie the union boss also maxed out the governor governor bill walker so many is basically split in the baby here he's throwing a bone to who he thinks is going to win in order to get a little bit favor i'm sure i mean come on let's be honest also names that us will seem familiar to you randy redick has donated kevin meyer there's no doubt it's pretty much the risk the who's who of the risks publican establish man has donated kevin meyer now when we go to lend goddesses campaign finance reports what we have seen here is she has done it she has.

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