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I so appreciate that yeah let's level the playing field right now and just say that you are the one who has all the wisdom i'm just here for the ride josh right i have no wisdom to offer as well the source of wisdom is joe herself so we wish joe a speedy recovery she'll be back next week when we were talking about episode five of westworld and not to get too far ahead of ourselves emily but the preview for episode five of season two of west rolled get hype shobin world it's happening i know it looked so impressive in so cool and just add such like another layer to this entire universe really excited about samarai made get bumped i now get hype i now there's just so many levels to this show and i'm constantly impressed by the commitment that they take on on every single level so one of the one of the things that that's great emily you and i for those who don't know emily fox who has been here on poche show recaps a few times in the past and has been a great contributor when we did the loss lives podcasts maybe some of you recall a fifty shades of grey podcast one spot perhaps it goes busters to here and there but you and i we don't necessarily always see eyetoeye on our favorite shows you're not a survivor person relationship work i respect survivor for what it is was i an avid watcher before i started dating you know am i an avid watcher now take yearly but i do enjoy and their dabble you dabble you're not a game of thrones person now it's too violent for me which is surprising considering how much i love westworld that's the things you love westworld like i remember showing you westworld and you just like being hooked into it immediately so i mean just like to give people a little bit of a baseline as you're stepping into phil joe shoes this week what is it about westworld that you like so much i think that.

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