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The giant asterisk live at ABC it's eleven o'clock from ABC news I'm Michelle Franzen a debate on when and how to reopen and whether governors of the federal government have the authority to determine when and how it's playing out publicly New York governor Andrew Cuomo says the constitution shows governors have the authority to reopen states not the president but he also says he'll work with the president to coordinate the president is clearly spoiling for a fight on this issue the worst thing we can do in all of this is to start with political division and start with partisanship a growing number of bipartisan governors starting to plan for re openings in their states and Alabama Republican governor Kay Ivey today at a briefing responded to the president's claim on having total authority to open state sort of want to work cooperatively without fellowship governments across the nation and also with the trump administration the what works in Alabama works in Alabama injures also a learning curve when it comes to the virus and that is making it harder to balance health and the economy sort of want to work president trump's top infectious disease expert Dr Anthony found she says of a may first re opening ultimately the virus is going to determine when we really can safely reopen she says it'll take time to develop a vaccine and they're looking into the possibility of antibody tests but another complication is not knowing how many people are spreading the disease without even knowing they have it it's probably somewhere no less than twenty five no more than fifty percent and that's purely a guesstimate Markram alarmed ABC news deaths from the tornado outbreak across six states on Easter Sunday have gone up nearly three dozen of died after an aerial tour of the tornado zone the magnitude of the damage here is catastrophic Mississippi governor Tate Reeves says winds inside the twister are estimated at two hundred miles per hour but beyond that the state on the ground for what looks like forty or fifty miles ABC's Jim Ryan you're listening to ABC news stay informed como midday eleven oh two this morning fifty two downtown it's a beautiful day and we hope you get a chance to enjoy a little bit of it outside of course was social distancing I tell our top stories in a couple twenty four seven news center UW medicine and out to get that every single patient admitted to its hospitals now will be tested for covert nineteenth bit of a change for us we've been screening all patients who are symptomatic for over a month and Dr Chloe Bryson Khan says they can now test all incoming patients because I have same day turnaround times because of the work happening in the schools Barala G. lab also and national debate raging over the opening of businesses because of the corona virus from before that story more for the university of Washington that our model that tells us the number of coronavirus hospital cases has peaked in there not making another prediction is comes right couple reports is the first time someone predicted an end to this outbreak there's been a lot of speculation that the first wave will ebb sometime this summer Dr Christopher Murray told CNN last night his model predicts it will be the first week in June that's when he says will hit the magic number point three deaths per million people in the U. S. so basically sixty death the United States in a day would be that threshold right now we're experiencing sixty deaths for every one million Americans and there's also a giant asterisk in this production Murray is quite clear the prediction assumes we remain at or near current levels of social distancing until June picks up a bit and paying off too soon for them and we're pretty confident we'll just see a rebound of the epidemic if if that's what works what was to happen Brian Calvert komo news company time out ten eleven oh three and a national debate rages over when and how to re open the U. S. for business and L. partnership between Washington and the two other Pacific coast dates named at came to to try to make sure this happens effectively and safely as we hear from almost call one eight the governors of Washington Oregon in in California are now working together on a plan to re open their states economies in a coordinated way Portland State University economist hero ito says the partnership is a hedge against in action on the federal level the economic cost of waiting for the federal government to take actions he's just too high therefore these three states decide to take action all together state officials are also listening to public health experts including Dr Carlos Crespo who say a rush to re open could result in more infections and deaths you're putting people's lives at risk the open jobs in Oregon governor Kate brown plans to unveil a re opening Oregon framework today we haven't heard from governor Insley on a re opening plan other than a statement saying he'll take part in continuing conversations about what he is calling a regional pact to recovery Corwin hate komo news owners title level four and straight ahead Arlene Johnson the city of Puyallup blocks a local nurse volunteer from getting to the homeless I'll explain coming up right now let's talk traffic as we check in with your Jordan once again well we have some road work that it's blocking our travels one areas it is a quiet where it's.

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