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Cruise ships from around the world but its tourist industry died situation. The length and breadth of the bahamas is through the hurricane season. You will lead eight free playing a hurricane lottery grand bahama as we speak. It's probably sixty miles long off of it is on the water downtown. Freeport aw is under three feet of water hospitals schools shops hotels. Everything is under the water using duffy managing editor of the tribune the daily national newspaper in the bahamas the largest paper there reminding us the bahamas the length of california eugene. We thank you so much and wish you all the best. Thank you very much. We'll british prime. Minister boris johnson faces a brexit showdown today as parliament reconvenes after a summer break lawmakers are expected to vote on a bill that would stop the united kingdom from leaving the european union without a deal on october thirty first with johnson says he would do there are already indications educations. He may lose that vote. He's lost his one seat majority in parliament with the defection today of a conservative member joining us now is bbc political correspondent rob watson and he's at westminster rob. We hear the protesters behind you but set the scene for us today. How important is this day extremely important dam and i. I would argue that this is one of the most important weeks in british politics since one thousand forty five since the end of the second world war regular listeners will know jeremy that often say that this is the most is profound political crisis. Britain has experienced since the end of the war and what's at stake right. Now i think is first of all the future of brexit they'll be votes on that a bit later we can discuss that it's also about britain's constitutional arrangements who who's going to be governing the country because their wealth may well be a general election action in the all fake and lastly. I think it's about one of the major british potent political parties the conservative party what does its future as it suddenly going to become a sort of right wing pro brexit parts yours at gains remain abroad church. Absolutely everything that you can imagine is at stake had jeremy okay well. Let's talk about what lawmakers are trying to do today some lawmakers they want to make it basically impossible for the prime minister to crash out of the e._u. With no deal on on october thirty first the essentially a coalition. It's been called a sort of rebel alliance liken to star wars. That's been fancifully live but they are a rebel. Alliance of opposition m._p.'s some from the governing conservative party who essentially want to pass a law saying look if the if the u._k. Government hasn't reached an agreement demint the european union about an older -ly brexit by nineteen th of october we would delay brexit until the end of january of twenty twenty cancelled until next year now. It seems most likely that they will they will win. They will win this vote when it comes but then we get the next big question that i mentioned as okay why happens next how boris johnson has said he will not in any circumstances ask for the the european union for delay to brexit and a staffel saying what i would want wants as a snap general action and then the question would become well is he really serious about vines and opposition participate right brilliant. We'll see you there. Yeah well and there's a question about that too. I've been watching over the weekend that jeremy corbyn. The leader of the labour party has sort of been saying yeah okay. Let's have an election but some other people in the labor party say no. We're gonna fall into boris johnson's trap. If we say yes to general election yes that's right for a couple cla reasons so yes. The labor party wants an election but some around the one that boris johnson could say okay. We'll have an election on. Let's say october. The fourteen i think the data that's been mentioned but that event with event changes the date until just after brexit so sort of so brexit what actually happened during an election action campaign and the and the labor party doesn't want that at all and of course some labor politicians have a different problem that problem is jeremy corbyn and night is that they are on the wire. That's if there wasn't election now. The labor party would lose it because mr coleman is polarizing a figure as boris johnson johnson. They are a long long way behind in the opinion polls rob. A lot has to happen just this week because parliament is about to be suspended by the order of the queen on the request of boris johnson..

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