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Expecting it. So so first. Of all i salute. I salute her for her service. for the lgbtq i- population. I also am so delighted by the idea. That stephen king's daughter has an adrenalin deficiency. Like she had you so much of it as a kid living with living with Her her spooky scary dad now. The cheese and adult doesn't have enough reserves of adrenaline anymore. Like that's i know that's not medically accurate but that's exactly how i'm seeing it poor girl. No it's not scientifically accurate in. Please tell me rachel king if you are listening you're not. We are not happy that you have. You're not happy that you have deficiency but we're glad that there is a way for you to live your life happily i assume can we we send you we. We again support emotionally on this podcast from from this gestation relieving against the bricks and smelling the but. Let's not forget that we are. We are also now officially an adrenalin. Deficiency awareness podcast. But let's also talk about sweden maine where she's a business monkey. What do you think of business monkey as it was in quotes on the wiki but the link to explain sh is she in the mafia is is she is she in some and we just say like the cities that she has lived in plantation florida. And what was one of the main sweden like sweetens. The hot bunch of people named solvay. There i bet our friend here listening good job last night so in this book. Let's talk about our history with it. I guess sure let's keep talking about tabitha. I'm i'm sorry now you're good. There's nothing else about Naomi or tabitha both of their names. They are both good names. So let's get into our history of the book. Then what i've read this book twice before like full disclosure. I read it once in high school It had this really cool art deco cover which i might still have on my shelf for. Maybe i have the version that you gave me from burning couch. Did you have a copy of this book. I got one of your stephen king books with the coal cover when you moved bites and then. I reread it. When i was in..

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