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It's our Joe's stone crab primetime player of the weekend. I know it's Tuesday but we were off for the holiday yesterday. Should we nominate players real quick? I believe we should like to nominate from the five hundred winner Simon pashmina house. I didn't even know who that was Simon pag. The poll out dueled Rossi. Yes. To the to the finish line. Right. I don't know what that would be. But our guys was in third place. I will nominate quite Leonard forgetting the Toronto Raptors into their first NBA finally at twenty seven points. Seventeen rebounds, seven assists, two steals and two blocked shots all around amazing game for blogs and excellent nomination. The man who is how I didn't even know there was an NBA basketball can quite good. They rallied from fifteen down. I thought you was going to mention a Kevin na. But that's fun. A wonderful job by. It looked like the wheels are going to come off and Fennell was right there, ready to capitalize. But Kevin, let's go with quiet. Leonard Coalisland investors in warriors. Start the finals in Toronto on Thursday night. No catch every game right here on ESPN. The championship shown any emotion you think still do the same known. He's the most emotionless superstar athlete I've ever seen in my life. Right. I like him. I think it's just the Senator skeptic. I don't know. I like different captain, even though what he did to San Antonio. I thought was a little bit puzzling. It was. I totally agree with teammate, his, I'd have to scratch, my head a little bit. I not saying I was disappointed or anything like that. I just know my disappointed. I think we talked about last year. How is he getting such a pass for that we year ago at this time we were having that conversation? I think that's very legitimate. You just decide to skip out a year doesn't make sense rate franchise in Greek coach. When you see how good he is what he could have done for them last year. I, I don't know. I mean he, he mistrust them that much that he just couldn't play a whole season. And maybe say, hey, this is the it's a cold true business in these organizationally care about these players so good for for taking a stand. I don't know to just quit on the rest of a team. You have teammates. Yeah. I know. That's like intentional. I don't like it. But he intentionally to. It is great. All right. What what's trending Merck gentlemen? Good afternoon. Your co are you? I'm great always. You say gentlemen, say York real quick, trending RJ Hampton is, he's number five prospect, two thousand nineteen class. He will skip college employees overseas for the New Zealand breakers, the Australian National Basketball league, he'll get paid. We'll get paid. We've seen this before with youngsters have academic issues and have an inability to get into college, Brandon Jennings day right over to Europe and they play and then they come back, but this guy's deciding to do it because he just wants to do it. He doesn't want to go to college. Right. You should there's an alternative way. You put a little a few shackles in your pocket, while you're at it. Hey, Jeff, Jeff Goodman. Tweeted that, you know, good for him. He's gonna get paid, but no one's gonna pay attention to them. He's like true. He'd be much better served playing college basketball where he would be showcase showcase. Yes, I can tell you this much. Hey, nobody the people that are going to pay attention to the important people in the porn people are scouts. Can he be? In the top five though, like Hetty gone to Kansas City, whose recruiting them, Kansas, Texas, Tech, and one other. I think those are the two I saw in Memphis Hetty gone to one of those three schools that are pro, you know, going to be in look at Texas Tech is really going to be in the spotlight after what happened this last year. Kansas, and Memphis are big time programs that are in the national spotlight, especially Kansas, had he gone to one of those schools. Would he have done better for his draft stock next year? My guess is yes, it would only help him because it's not the euro league, he's going to be playing, and he's not planning. Israel's going. Australia is a long way to go and scouts will see him. Sure. But I get Jeff Goodman's point like he probably do better for his draft stock next year. But he he's currently sixth pick in the twenty twenty real quick before we break, there's the anti Matt Kuchar story. Let's, let's say we got time, but that's Kevin non. Right. Yeah. Okay. It goes guy, we could save that during the one o'clock because you're got into it with somebody. Anyways, Twitter Vars Jack Jackson notes Sammy very well. I know you do. He was a little out of line. If yes. Probably I simply send him to the simplest of messages. Yeah. We'll talk about it when we come back. We'll talk about that some baseball coming up with cubs and SOX. Jesse? Check in Bobby Valentine on the pot a passing of Billy Buckner at one thirty. It's Carmen in your go on one on ESPN. Every.

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