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Fighting to get by less veer, but still strong storms rolled across the state yesterday. And last night airports reported hundreds of flight cancellations and delays when they had to stop takeoffs and landings for a time. I wins also closed a skyway bridge in Saint Petersburg for about six hours. Not whether but a battery charging caused a fire in Tampa. That video from Lindsay Anderson has the battery of a hover board exploded inside their house, but the family escaped injury. With Florida's news. I'm John mcquilken. Florida's central credit union home low traffic center, although we have gusty winds coming across the sunshine skyway bridge. All lanes of traffic are open to all vehicles, and we're down to one single lane of traffic along US forty one northbound and southbound near Madison Avenue, this is due to a road construction project in that area and didn't Saint Pete we have some slow moving traffic on Gandy boulevard eastbound between four street and the radio towers Olympia de NewsRadio W F LA, see traffic problems. Call the injury firm of Abraham's in Utah with traffic tip line Hillsboro, eight six six five four five ninety five ninety five. Steady breezes will continue this Saturday out of the west gusting over twenty miles per hour at times, it'll be a cooler day, a quick passing shower will be possible high seventy three a chilly start to your Easter. Sunrise services around fifty eight degrees with a high of seventy seven Easter Sunday afternoon. Lob sunshine, coming our way eighties for the week ahead marine forecast. West wind at twenty knots in the water six to eight Footsie's small craft advisory in high surf advisory in effect on news channel eight meteorologist. Ed bloods worth. Hey, it's Ron and Ian for.

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