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Great American ballpark Word knocked off the Kansas City Royals tonight in 10 innings Final score 6 to 5. Let's get some final thoughts on the game from the two guys who called it Tommy Throw. And Jeff Brantley. Thanks a lot. Yet what a thrilling night of baseball kind of a tough one when you go back and you look at the clutch hits A big one came from Kyle Farmer that got the Reds on the board and in the back to back home runs in the third, the first being a two run shot. But also some clutch pitching. You can't say enough how good Lucas Simons was in the top of the 10th inning, pitching around a dangerous hitter and ended up getting bread. Phillips the final out, straining the Royals automatic runner at second. Yeah, I think you look at this ball game and you had just about everything that you could have. The Reds had some miscues. You had some clutch pitching from Luis Castillo earlier in this ball game. Ah, pitching a couple of times with the bases loaded back back early in the I think it was 1/3 in the fourth inning and are second and third inning and that that really had a had a bit of taxing issue for him have really escalated his pitch count. Then you look at the U move towards the end of the ballgame and talking from a pitching standpoint, I thought Rice L. Iglesias threw the ball awfully awfully well, hey, looked like his normal self in a time or game. I might add. And Lucas Simms. Yeah, the first time you're out there with the runner at second base the kid handled it perfectly came up with some great clutch pitches. But probably the biggest clutch issue all night. Long was the Reds hitting and that has been a huge concern for this ball club from the get go, and it just seemed like whether it was Kyle Farmer Votto there. Those air those air great great plays or great swings at the plate. Great at bats. Jesse Winker with with some swings tonight, I thought that're awfully good. That, But I said this earlier and I'll say it again. It's going to get lost in the shuffle because you went into the 10th inning and Votto ends up being the hero and rightfully so that ball off the wall. But Kyle Farmer Is the M V p of this ball game. There's no doubt about it the place that he made it. Shortstop were phenomenal and the big hits that he had can't say enough about it. No question Big night tonight for Kyle Farmer Reds win it final score 6 to 5 over the Royals logo for the series sweep. Tomorrow night. A great American ballpark. Get back to you. All right, Tommy. Thank you. When we come back, we'll take a look at scores around Major League baseball. This is the Reds Paste postgame show on the Reds Will radio network Fermin here a concrete is having a sale for stem concrete patios, pool decks and driveways. If you don't know about concrete, they're the experts were stand concrete and all.

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