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Kfbk The U. S Postal Service as California is one of the states, which may struggle getting ballots back to election offices in time for the count this November 46 days in Washington, D C. All received warnings about the male delay ahead of the presidential election. The warning say Election male has to be sent by first class mail instead of nonprofit, marketing male rate. National Weather Service says Friday's excessive heat warning for the Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys will continue through Wednesday night. Forecasters say daytime highs will run about 10 to 20 degrees above normal with triple digit highs through the inland valleys, delta and portions of the Sierra foothills. Democrats continue to strengthen their hold on the Golden State. Voter registration figures show Democratic registration at 46% by 1% since 2016 the party added. Over one million new voters since 2018. Republican registration went down 24% from 27% in 2016. I'm Angelica Johan Sacramento traffic and a very pleasant good evening to you. Your pumping the brakes in Sacramento's Southdown I five just before floor and road. I'm seeing a solo car collision in the right lane heads up the Garden Highway's closed from east of I 52 trucks will tell on his 31st. In addition, Thomas Park Drive is also closed during work day hours. North of the Garden highway, Remember to use an alternate route? South bound I five the Vietnam Veterans rest area is shut down for landscape Bork, they hope to have that reopens on December 1st traffic on the tens every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons. Steve Aurora News at E 3.1 KFBK Now Sacramento weather Lots of sunshine lights out for the rest of the afternoon while behind between 105.

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