Nelson Chamisa, Robert Mugabe, President Trump discussed on Global News Podcast


But the main opposition party the movement for democratic change is warning that the election is being rigged. Their leader. Nelson Chamisa is popular among the young and unemployed and his supporters say it's time for a change. I am here. What. Cammisa Bob with MS Managua is Sean wins that he can govern this country. I I want to to tell me. me. Wasn't you need change? We do now. We have food. Everything is to recall. Correspondent in Harare is numb Psomas echo. She told me there'd been a long history of rigged elections in Zimbabwe in did the has been a very long history and what we all seeing from president Emmerson Mnangagwa is that he's trying to legitimise his leadership. You'd recall that there was a military coup back in November eight months ago when the former President Robert Mugabe was ousted. So he wants to legitimize his leadership. He wants to win the election on Monday the thirtieth of July. And also we've heard from Nelson Chamisa himself, who is the leader of the opposition which is seen to be self imploding on its own. You know that they are both promising people jobs, they're promising prosperous, Zimbabwe and the, but whoever wins these elections that will be taking place on Monday. We'll have a memory task of rebuilding the country, and most importantly, economy and create jobs for s specifically the poor and the young. People a number, how close is the contest, you think? Well, a lot of people are saying that it is a very close coal. They think that Nelson Chamisa could put in Babs. The urban vote could easily go to the opposition, but seventy percent of voters in this country based in rural areas, which is a stronghold of the governing Zanu PF party. And it's only to, you know, it's a two horse race at the moment and it it could well very well be close. You've been taught of the rallies. I know what has been the mood there. It's quite jovial. It was actually encouraging, you know, to see, you know, opposition party members or supporters wearing their different regardless walking hand in hand to their respective opposition rallies, you know, which is something that I personally did not see happen in twenty fifteen when I came here to cover the elections. So it's been a mood of, you know, it's quite Jovian. It's quite piece. Awful people are looking forward to these elections. It's actually, you know, the the head, even though the have been reports of intimidation taking place. It has not been at the scale at which it was happening when Robert Mugabe was still at the helm, numb sat Maseko in the past few months in Nicaragua more than three hundred protesters have been killed and thousands more injured in demonstrations against President. Daniel Ortega much of the violence is being carried out by security forces and pro government paramilitaries. But now the president's brother in better Artega has called on him to disband the groups Adler this Heredia from our Latin America desk. How important is intervention would be in better left government in nineteen ninety-five. So he's been a longtime that he's not been in the military, but he fought together with his brother. Daniel Ortega they brought down the government of almost so the fact that he east accused in his brother of the links with parliamentary..

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