Iran, Russia, Jerusalem discussed on The John Batchelor Show


Obviously it's recognizing the obvious can anybody look at the map enough to see what he rana's doing but i would throw into the pond what turkey is doing in turkey on jerusalem has been very aggressive more so i think in some regards any ron and we saw the statements that the oic the organization of islamic uh cooperation and that we another meeting which i will be participating as well and just heard that rda one and they on it will be speaking to see what they will say there but the the intensity of iranian aggression is escalating not only in regard to saudi arabia and yemen with the missiles that have been proven to be there was a lot but they do it blatantly and turkey today seeing that i think has a muddled themselves impart on the fact that you can get away today with almost anything build the old all three of them russia iran and turkey who are now the dominant force in terms of trying to re design and redraw the lines to the middle east uh are all moving ahead to build basis and to create uh a new map in the middle east and i think this is a really great concern but iran is still the fulcrum of terrorism and of the of how much because well i who teach all of them depend on iranian and support without which the middle east would be a very different place and mr mattis's remarks says his surprise iran that he's gotten sars sharon harsher ads the longer he's been in office malcolm this is a man who came into office uh speaking very forcefully as a marine general over the years that irani killed his soldiers and yet.

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