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Terrible pitching coach Monfort when a fire and they re assigned him loyalty is a nice thing to have it is admirable but in professional sports you can't let that loyalty get in the way of results and bring it back to the discussion of what would it take for you to jump ship and leave your team for another one I look at the Colorado teams the Rockies are the one that I think most people would identify let's say you're a fan of all for the major teams avalanche nuggets Rockies Bronco the Rockies are the one that quite obviously could lose people's trust and have over the years the difference between them and the red skins is that the Rockies have very little history to rely on very little history for people to think well you know grunt right now it's not great but I remember the good old days there are no good old days for the Colorado Rockies not really so I think it makes it even easier to give up a team like the Rockies tend to give up a team like the red skins wall even though they have been very bad over the last twenty years there is still many Redskins fans who remember a better time a great time actually I've told the story of how in college I started to sway on the cheat some like I don't know you know I got into being a fan because of Marcus Allen and then the chief said this great run of running backs priest Holmes was one that I was a big fan of they have Tony Gonzalez there are always players that I could clean too and get their Jersey and there was a time where I came to the realization am I a chiefs fan why do I support this team no matter what or did I get into it because of a player into what did I stay in it because of different players I just found new players that I will routed for and then after some long thought and introspection I realize that you know what there's no other team out there but I'd rather root for than the Kansas City Chiefs so my faith was shaken a little bit but then I realize I can't the only route would be to become unaffiliated in terms of my fandom because I was gonna stop watching football but there was no other teams that I looked and said that's what I want that's who I would root for if not the Kansas City Chiefs I'm curious if there's been a time where your fandom has wavered a little bay in do you think you would ever get to the point that these Redskins fans are being mentioned in The Washington Post would you ever get to that point or have you five two two nine eight seven two will I be back to wrap up our number one next on exports thirteen under.

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