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Um introducing me to pornography um the uh alewine a awhile instant messenger um and on the internet he would send me um naked pictures of himself uh and quote what i did to him um so the the cybersex gradually snowballed into me having to meet him before morning swim practice before everybody else got there in the swim off so he could show me what i did to him and then you know sexually assault me um and this was all before so in practice and then i would have to get in and put a happy strong girl face on air and swim my bought off and if there wasn't a fast enough i was little i was called names he would throw shares and throws you know swim bubis and it boards um he even went as far as feeding off of one of my nightmares that i had uh of you know how having a agog colour around my neck and he thought it would be a funny idea to have me opted out and put the dog cormet not in swim a couple of laughable he held the leash it's that kind of sick power that you know it's just mindboggling as to how how this was acceptable clearly usa swimming needs to be torn down to its roots and gymnastics million gymnastics ja in either rebuilt urges broken up in in dismore that can be manage and as you say they're still not serious about rooting this rang out near opinion no absolutely not i mean everybody you know susan war listener listener just stepped down um you know she was part.

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