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There's a woman better. She's like y'all. T's not sweet. This is bad. I mean I this. This is put sugar in the Thi. This is the start of a riot in North Carolina. There's a bojangles representative. Listening Sinn help to the one in Atlantic beach man because I'm not going to go to it anymore is like I didn't. I don't WanNa ruin it. The food is so good. I mean when bojangles runs for mustard. You need to airdrop some. If I believe airdrop a manager in there I believe that it might be actual sacrilege to serve sweet tea. That's not sweet. I think those people might go to hill me to the. I think that might be an unforgivable sin right especially when they're like no but this one is and if you do it twice yes yes you go to the third level of hill sorry for that little ran. I didn't expect to do that but I was really upset very upset. I would be afraid I mean with those things happening at a boating that would literally I would be like kids. We gotta get Outta your cause some bad's going to have like someone is going to get to upset and there's going to be like they're gonNA be rippin like paper bags and I don't know throw intenders. Yeah I call him. Tenders Supreme Supreme also have home style tenders yeah. They're not hot. They don't have the spice for the children's. Yeah Yeah I saw I saw a full grown man order. Those for the week shook my head of the week men and Children Not oh man so you're you're hurting. I feel good now that I got that out. Though you got to cook cookout in you I got this V. I.. Man It was like it was beats and Yams and they had this they had to think barbecue was they had to think Oh barbeque. It was made out of mushrooms rooms. Where is this at cafe gratitude? Oh I place we talked about this and when you order off millions it's additives like whole and complete and serene and when you order you're supposed to or over the the W. H.. O. L. E. put this in your whole. We're having a real whole homonym of an episode here. Sometimes.

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