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Is clear Skies tonight 44 should be our overnight low them for tomorrow. Sunny and breezy with high of 66 right now in 64 in Scottsdale and weather is brought to you. By Howard Air I'm decade Lynn on Arizona's news Station. K T A R News, Arizona's news station K T A R news 92 3 FM, The Gators and Chad show afternoons. The good news say about Governor Doug Ducey in his press conference. Think you can find at least one good thing out of it. Yeah, I don't know who's going to argue with giving teachers the vaccine. First They, along with people in nursing homes and health care workers do. She wants to get teachers the vaccine right up there. I think it's brilliant. I think it's a no brainer. I'm glad he said it That was good. He's gonna expand outdoor dining. But it's a million bucks. I don't know. You know how our restaurant supposed toe expand outdoor dining when it's a million dollars? You know me restaurants we have in Arizona every lot where we gonna give a dollar to each restaurant. I don't know. It's just Yeah. I mean, it's I don't know how much that helps. I like the expanding of the outdoor, Donnie, but a million bucks is gonna get it done now. Okay? Free vaccine. When it comes, that's good, too. I don't think that do see did anything though. To slow the spread of cove. It I think that we'll talk about that a lot more tomorrow. But there was some good and So we know what's happened with Trump. And, um, you know, Trump basically called him a traitor. Because he certified the votes for Arizona. And then of course you have Kelli Ward. She's just pathetic. She is not they How do you know to say she jumps on board and tweets? Tioga Verner do see shut the blank up. Yeah, so he was asked about it today the chairwoman of your Republican Party, Kelli Ward, the chairwoman of the GOP in Arizona, the chairwoman of your Republican Party the other day, too. Told you to shut up. Actually used to use the word. Shut the hell up, Which was a term I asked you if you were gonna do for them, she's told you to shut the hell up..

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