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Get your podcasts Presented by steamfitters local 6 O two It's 7 28 Traffic and weather on the 8s and when it breaks to the traffic center and read a Kessler Let's start out with the trip on two 70 southbound delays after 85 headed past 80 in urbana than below speed passing one O 9 then you're gonna be solid from one 21 in clarksburg headed toward father Hurley boulevard where we now have a report of a crash brief volume passing Montgomery village avenue after that not a bad trip to the lane divide headed on to either loop of the beltway Westbound 50 between sandy point and saint Margaret's road or cape saint Clair the crash is cleared still seeing some volume from the westbound span of the bay bridge headed past the scene of the earlier wreck after that it looks good All the way to about one 97 then you're finding a slowdown hitter toward one 93 that it's good to the beltway However inside the beltway delays from four ten headed on to New York avenue and D.C. two 95 Northbound route four Pennsylvania avenue near dower house road the broken down vehicle reported in the center of the roadway You're also finding a delay on the beltway the outer loop top side of the beltway before 95 all the way around to Georgia with the lanes open Inner loop slows from saint Barnabas road now headed toward I two 95 in the Woodrow Wilson bridge then delays in Virginia inner loop in Springfield and stretches headed past two 36 in annandale the crash near Braddock road should be cleared Eastbound 66 before the beltway the broken down vehicle reported to be along the right side You're going to find a delay from nutley street headed toward the beltway Forbes home just named gutter helmet the number one best gutter garden America call now for a free estimate and mention radio 20 to save 20% call 8 8 8 5 helmet I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic Mike Jennifer has got the forecast Lots of sunshine today going to be hot and muggy highs low to mid 90s side chance of after the storm on Wednesday once again hot and muggy high south of mid 90s After the showers that was storms on Thursday as a cold front comes our way.

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