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Now seems like FBI CIA always in trouble over, something better I always I I'm not kidding I wanted to be a member of the FBI Joe DiMaggio and his nineteen thirty-three, Hayes sixty one game hitting streak ended in the Pacific coast league when he played for. The San Francisco seals which like ju thirty thousand people game Joe DiMaggio whose. Whole families Davidge a fisherman out. In San Fran there from San Fran and he was two biggest thing was aunt there and on this date in thirty three his sixty one game hitting streak ended On this date nine thousand nine. Hundred fifty. Five why do I think Raiding and tremendous guy Ted Allen is name he, threw a record seventy two consecutive who issue wringers, the real horse shoes. The metal ones they clang when you get it I. Swear to God I think radian. Injures met this guy Mike horse named. After, that Mike Schmidt here's exactly what happened on this date in nineteen eighty. Eight Mike Smith sex. Then National League record a appearing in two thousand one hundred and fifty five, games at third base now you still have that, list Mike how many. National leaguers have moved ahead of them We'll find that out. For you in a moment this. Was, a date that peewee Herman would like to forget This was the. Date where he got arrested for exposing himself and. Adele an adult movie theater and this was at the peak A peewee Herman's television show. Which I know a lot of people like to imply it was one of those kids shows, that adults could enjoy as well But it was still a kid show If I'm Paul Reubens peewee Herman am I cars even stopping at a red light near an a? Movie? Theater which don't even exist anymore really I would take another way to work if you. Make in your living off teats television I wouldn't want anybody capable of taking photo of me with an adult movie theater in the. Background, nonetheless what. He ended up doing yes my yes so the only, National League ahead of them is Chipper There you go I would not. Have guessed him I told he played a lot of games. At other positions Bethel's a shortstop longer than he was but I guess he moved, towards knee up aromas Ramirez. Who rhetorical years ago he kinda came pretty. Close to catch Schmidt but not quite all right thanks. Mike Angelina for producing the, program tonight. The main does so much more than answering, the phones, put names have. Been aboard Vince Queen.

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