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Right yeah totally mark wahlberg would have done the same thing one hundred percent because he has a dick so yeah but i know like i you know i got out of the marine corps and i'm like oh marina but you know you think in your head though like i could handle situations better than most thought that until there was a spider my car on i ninety five gang i i almost took out a van full of children like screeching over to the side so yeah it's a good thing i wasn't i wasn't at the helm of that flight just let's let's magin okay you're you're you're a pilot and are responsible for the safety i think there was like one hundred eighty people on the on the on that flight your engine blows up probably pretty stressful moment everybody's little oxygen things foes through you get reports that somebody is getting sucked through a fucking window at that point imagine what the cabin of that plane sounded like in that moment those little doors they're not soundproof she hears everything her and her co pilot here everything that's going on shut out to the copilot to air force pilot so they are going through mass chaos everybody's gotta be freaking out screaming for her to be that calm engine bone out somebody's getting sucked out everybody's freaking out in the back and to give those instructions with that calmness clarity and conciseness is i mean it's a roic i don't know how you can describe it like we always talk about that the absence of fear is not courage but courage is moving forward despite fear like that is the definition of that because she has to be scared but she managed to push this aside and to steal a quote from general krulak she march to the sounds of the guns it wasn't guns in that situation but it was very stressful situations shot out to her in correctable.

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