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Know good to know all right. We'll talk. Some comics fills comics corner all right. Who wants to start late week for me? You Bliss out outlet you lay so you didn't read That man eighty four eighty four. I mean it. Tom King's only got one more issue. Issue now this one he basically shows how we got here with Bruce Flashpoint Batman the voice should be basically goes backwards. You know chose him teaming up with with Bain and then it shows how Thomas Wayne God here is member of the button storyline lilith reverse flash brought Thomas Wayne to this yes universe and then he starts flashing back to his world. I guess they weren't romantic but he was. He was like I guess. He teamed up with Cat Woman in his universe. She was kind of like these Robin. That'd be super creepy. Since he would lift. When you're old enough to be for Dow- well well that's the thing gathered there? They weren't romantic because he was because I guess they meet and he's he's like he's like your mind me and my son he would have been your age. Because to me fair Batman the fat girl in some storyline so in the story line in the killing joke movie we will go but yeah now. In the flashpoint university showed me how Bruce's mother becomes the joker. She she kills Alfred in that Universe Alpha King kitchen breaking any universe kill them in one group true. Oh and then they show in that universe after up. W- after the you know after Joe Chill Kills Bruce later on Thomas Fines Joe Chill and kills him he bazeley bludgeons is heading with Iraq over and over again. Joe Get arrested in that universities and get away. What in the flash point? Yeah I don't know because they data shows him like killing them in an alley so I mean if he got if he gets arrested he gets out of the venture. They don't have very good especially in flash painting we're in the DC univer now the marvel universe with no better criminal breakouts. You should be a segment you do about the dozens.

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