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From the camo 24 7 News Center. As the fight to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg gets underway, Analysts tell us it will be a battle of political wills. Homeless. Charlie Harker has the story. Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he's not waiting. President Trump's nominee for this vacancy will receive a vote on the floor of the former Democratic state senator in Washington. Supreme Court jesters filled how much tells coma there could be unintended consequences. President United States and somebody who Wants to use the Supreme Court is a campaign device. I think that may come back to haunt him in the sense that it may energized those people who are fearful about a Supreme Court full of trumpets. Challenge says he believes Republicans air going to move forward on a vote as quickly as they can Charlie Harder. Camo news. The Seattle City Council is now scheduled a vote to override Mayor Durkin's veto of a massive cuts of police funding. The vote is scheduled for three PM tomorrow and would require seven of the nine council members to form a super majority. The council had that margin when they originally gutted the police department's budget last month, But the veto may have given some of the members pause. However, Socialist Thomas the one has said she will vote to override the veto, calling the reductions in police spending tiny The bill that passed last month cut the SPD budget by 14%, which could lead to the loss of asthma. Nia's 100 officers Jeff Pooja, Wait. Comeau News Do Political candidates have the right to keep their personal information private. The question has quietly become a campaign issue in one local county. Thurston County Commissioner Gary Edwards requested the Social Security number for Carolina Mahia, a county employee who's running for a seat on the commission. In response, another commissioner time answer, demanded the commission examine its rules to see if they have a policy against requests for sensitive information. If we do, I would like that policy to be reviewed with the board so that we're all crystal clear about it, and if we don't I'd like to make a motion that we develop in appropriate policy. Edwards. Critics claim he's trying to have my he had declared ineligible for a commission seat by proving she is not a U. S. Citizen, Mahia tells the Olympian she is a naturalized citizen. She says she's disappointed Edwards would seek your Social Security number. Corwin Hey HQ Co. Moh news Come on news time for Oh, for Let's get to Marina Roger now for a check on traffic..

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