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Janney air kid rock says as he is not running for us senate in michigan kid rock told serious xm host howard stern are you kidding me during an expletiveladen interview this morning are you going to be the candidate that is running against debbie stamina no i'm not running for senate exchange god by who could i will release a new album on november whatever third or something like gum i'm going on tour to the detroit area rocker is ben teasing the public for months according to the detroit free press kid rock said his staff new there wouldn't be a run but they rolled with it because he had a new album in the works at a judge has denied bob on two five teenagers who are charged with second degree murder in a rockthrowing incident on i 75 not guilty pleas were entered tuesday in a genesee county court can white was a passenger in and then when a six pound rocks thrown from an overpass crashed through the windshield and killed the 32yearold last week radar weather forecast from lam radio for this afternoon showers in wind with a high fifty two showers tonight low near thirty nine than for tomorrow cloudy with a high of forty eight that's lam news now i'm dan martin on lamb taught 1600 the joy in the fall is here with the meals skinner votes out this beautiful downtown sales celebrate cool weather with new western boots boutrosghali lama lu pace no cold and distant check out from gas scana bowl had and check out the exotic sets his oster go lower check got the word loosened dole h sturdy workbooks with a horrible protects zaqout the heads for resist all is that's the one in your own personal style and.

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