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Donald Trump, President Trump, David Holmes discussed on Can He Do That?



Friday wrapped another week in the impeachment inquiry into president. Trump will come to order. Good Morning. Everyone this is the second in a series of public hearings in the committee will be holding his part of the houses impeachment inquiry and a busy one at that on the hill former. US Ambassador to Ukraine. Maria Vich a lifelong lifelong foreign service officer testified publicly in front of lawmakers notably in that testimony Ivanovich said when she read the transcript of Trump's July twenty fifth phone call with Ukrainian President Celeski. She felt threatened. And yet you've wasn't the only witness lawmakers here from Friday a closed door testimony with State Department official David Holmes the scheduled for the afternoon and still amidst moments from the public hearings other impeachment related news continues to break throughout the week. So we'll cover the key moments from Uganda. which is Friday testimony? And we'll catch you up on what else. He may have missed in the first week.

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