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The. Storm surge tropical cycle of those deadly threat me may recall images let him use alison twenty eighteen following categories. Michael after it set nearly fifteen foot wall of. Water. Cows Mexico beach. Florida. If you've ever experienced answers then know how quickly a Hurricane Linda Wall are rushing into home businesses washing away lives and live. Today. We're joined by Jamie Rome leader of the storm surgeon at the National Hurricane Center Jamie will offer inside lift of the Inter workings of this lifesaving agency and it's critical forecast when the. If you've ever heard that raise hide from the win but run from the. Discussion will make understand why gamy thank you for joining us on the word objects cast they thank you for having it out if for those true and blue weather geeks, alum and fans and friends of the program, you might remember the Jamie Rome appeared on the television version of the show several years ago. So it's really I'm really thrilled to have him back here in the. Longer format podcast so that we can dig deeper into what he does. Little background on. Jamie has a battery Masters degree, from North Carolina State University he joined the National Hurricane Center as a Marine forecast through the tropical analysis and forecast rant in nineteen ninety nine he was appointed Hurricane Veterans in Twenty Sixteen and he pointed lead of the storm surge program there in two thousand eight. James Fan Colleague and does some very important work for the nation but. I don't know if he remembers are maybe he's heard the podcast. The first question I always ask has nothing to do with your job is more of a question of how you got interested in weather and climate related that he was something for your childhood a specific storm or did you happen appoint later in? Dow Ironically now for the. A weather grew up in North Carolina and the weather was the the easiest way to get out of going to school which was. Snow Days Baggio. It was the way way to go, and so I didn't really like school in the beginning dom. became very interested in in. Precipitation. RPI, when a weather precipitation. In, in central North Carolina and then. You're used to it in Atlanta. You never really get clean snow in North Carolina as much as you get this this icing and change over in. This really tight rain snow line, and so obviously I became interested in that it wasn't until later maybe a high school in college that hurricanes started to intrigue me A. Is, a kind of approach to Eastern Carolina. I wondered actually one of the producers wanted to want to ask you if you even had a personal encounter with storm surge yourself over the years your early razor years in in. North. Carolina. You know we used to frequent coastal North Carolina quite a bit growing up my family. Did we were big? Big Gift fishing in often we would go to the coast not during the periods of people were most interested in like summer. We would go during fall in springs in you would get these these big nor'easter. Tight. Events or non tropical events and I can't remember one where I was just you. Just fascinated with how the wind could push the water in wakes up along the coast and into the roads in half the amount of Dune erosion could occur with one of these events. So that would have been my first. Encounter where storm, surge? Low, storm surge happened late late in my career certainly wasn't anything I studied in in college or wasn't soda a path, the dice with a set of Al.. You know a lot of people. They know they WANNA. Do tornadoes or severe weather storm surge came late in. It's been the best job I've ever had probably the best job. Our has in I been doing it now for eleven years, and it's just hard ended in doing anything else is so interesting. Well the Nice segue because for the listeners here we're in the midst of well technically as repaving this, we're not in hurricane season although when this airs, we will be a hurricane season starts June bursts. Even we're taking this, we have tropical storm Bertha just off the. Coast to coast are believed projected anything major in his as we were saying before he came on probably too small and in week. Even quick passing through really present a storm surge threat but for the listeners of weather needs podcast Jamie give us A. Third or one what is storm surge and why does it happen why it's so dangerous? Yes, it's literally. The strong winds of storm and it could be any storm doesn't have to be hurricanes but the strong winds of a storm pushed the Ocean George. Land in if the winds are strong enough onto land, which is normally dry. Traditionally, as storm surges linked with hurricanes, tropical cyclones because. That's where you get kind of the strongest winds, but you can get it in any storm system. I'm the produces the you're strong enough wins, and it has to be a the state of a scale issue. So you gotTa have like a a synoptic scale type of weather pattern to you. You can't be more like a Tornado or water style that's just from a scale perspective too small. Apologize, they're trying to keep my mic for those that are listening whether this is a new era of doing the podcast in the covid nineteen errands. So were trying new things, ears of shrimps your audio is clean. So apologize with way coming off their bye head zoom.

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