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The Padres over the weekend. Looking to get a nine game triple phone good footing. And it didn't take long. In fact, the first guy to the plate one two is poll, fair inside the first baseline down into the corner. Charlie black men will lead off the ball game with double the hitting streak, the on base streak, it keeps on going for Charlie Blackmon. It has been a historic run for him. He ends up the. Being the National League player of the week last week for all of the hits he had in the home stand twenty one of those he became just the twelfth player tonight in the history of the big leagues to have at least three hits in five straight games as he would have a pair of singles, besides that double in the first inning. So Charlie Blackmon continuing to be smoking hot at the plate is now betting three forty one on the years. So he was at second base, but Merrill Kelly, the starting pitcher for the d-box looked like he might get out of it after he struck out Trevor story in David dole never fear. Nolan IRA Nado is here. One pitch. Well.

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