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Nbc is just fired mark helprin he was a just suspended or taken off the air so apparently that in care about his statement soprano star was the daughters name meadow meadows just come out alleging of violent attack from harvey weinstein wpro maplewood you the details left plow shin cheese i mean she's pretty young nasty had to be a child that's right she had to be right i don't know i guess it could have been since then anyway we'll get into that right now the news brian here in good morning just into the armstrong and getty news center the military judge overseeing bo bird goals desertion cases he will not dismiss charges because of comments made by president donald trump during his campaign good says the president's comments did not jeopardized the integrity of the proceedings but promised to consider them as a mitigating factor for bergvall sentenced defence claimed the negative report at remarks made by the president may have been pro prejudicial burghal goal was captured by the taliban a two thousand nine when he left his base in afghanistan a third person is being charged in the russia probe nbc news now confirms former donald trump campaign adviser george profit up lowest being charged by special counsel robert muller for making false statements to the fbi about his contact with foreign nationals tied to the russian government former campaign chair paul manafort and is associate rick gates indicted this morning on twelve counts including conspiracy against the us president responded on twitter with sir sorry but this is years ago before paul manafort was part of the trump campaign we says there is no allusion okay the manafort one and we've discussed a lot the he could just be a criminal from way back in it has nothing to do with collusion this third one know this third indictment guy so he was lying about contacts with the russians now this one could get to the collusion thing right while i've heard what he lied about characterized a couple of different ways i dunno i heard he lied about whether he advised the president to get in touch with russian leaders and meet with them or whatever the bile by the way manafort who is getting super rich off of a bad people mostly that uh were working unions united states melody i heard it put he defended some of the most indefensible regimes on earth and made a lot of money off some of his lifestyle we now.

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