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A of the world shapers. Podcast right talk to other science fiction and fantasy authors about their creative process. My name is edward. We'll tie 'em myself. An author of science fiction and fantasy Some twenty novels or thereabouts. My main publisher his books in new york. And my most. Recent novel for die is called the moonlit world it's book three and my world-shapers series and I like to sum it up as empires and wearables and peasants. Oh my in. The world shapers series. There's this vast labyrinth shaped worlds and people from our rolled have been given worlds in this labyrinth that they can shape however they want and my main characters trying to save them all from from somebody who had very much like to close all this down and so she has to travel world and gather the knowledge of the making of these world's in the moonlight world. It's a world shaped by someone who really likes wherever it vampire. So that's what she has to deal with so look for that in the first two books world shaper and master of the world. They're they're available everywhere but my most recent book is actually one kind of excited about. It's called star song and the reason i'm excited about star song is that It is a book that spent a long time coming. It started as a short story when my very earliest short stories that was published called the minstrel in a now defunct teen magazine here in canada called jam so this was in about one nine hundred five i think when that was published i was quite young and i even then thought you know there might be kernel of a novel here so i wrote one one of my very first novels that i attempted to get published and it came very close so see for. Sherman was editing at walker and company. And she liked what i said her. She said i needed to add. Some more in the middle had two biggest too big a time. Skip in the middle of the story. Basically so i feel that in. And i address some of the other issues she had identified and she got back to me and said i'd done exactly what she wanted and she was ready to make an offer but then the publisher walker and company died and son took over and the sun did not want to publish science fiction anymore. And that's where the novel died. I was never able to find a publisher for it. Despite it having come within a half breath almost literally being published by walker and company very respectable publisher that published isaac asimov not fiction for example among other things some of it so i finally decided that i would bring it out myself faggot. The cover art done. I rewrote it from start to finish. Because i writes differently now than i did then and i. I wanted to add a second viewpoint. Character was a single male viewpoint. And i wanted to add the girl. Who's a major character but wasn't a viewpoint character new original book so she now has her own viewpoint sections it's called star song. It's from shadow. Pop press i guess if i read you real quick. What's on the back when the old woman who raised him in a remote village is brutally murdered. Chris finds himself alone on a planet where he'll always be an outsider. His only link to his long dead unknown parents as the touch liar. They bequeathed him. A strange instrument not only plays music but pours innermost feelings into the minds of his listeners. When tavira a girl of the space going nomadic family. Here's chris perform. She was drawn to him against her better judgment. And the rules of her people with her help though mistrusted and even hated by some of her comrades chris seeks to discover the origin of the touch liar the fate of his parents and a place where he truly belongs but the touchline proves to be more than just a musical oddity powerful ruthless men will stop at nothing to get it and kristin tavira are all that stand in their way and i also say at the top that Well not not on the back but in the material i've done that. This is very much. The robert heinlein. Andre norton mode. There's undoubtedly influences from those two authors. Who very influential to me. When i was a young reader and writers that star song you can get it directly from shadow press shadow puppets dot com or. You can get it on amazon or wherever you like to buy books. It's everywhere in both print and e format right now so. I hope you'll check that out. The other upcoming book i would. Mention is the one that grows out of this podcast. It's shapers world's volume to last year. I successfully kick started an anthology called shapers of worlds that featured first year guests of this podcast and had nine original stories in nine reprints in that one this one is going to have twenty four stories. Eighteen of them original six or reprints. And so it's going to be a bigger book. It's got more original fiction and the authors are good it's amazing new fiction from kelley armstrong. Marie brennan helen. Deo candice jane. Dorsey these affoil. Susan forest james alan gardner matthew hughes healthy kennedy lisa kessler adria lay craft. Ira name and garth nix tim. Pratt edward salvio brian. Thomas schmidt jeremy and some guy edward well it and then there will also be stories by jeffrey carver. Barbara hambly nancy. Kress david levine. Sem sterling and kerry von. That's a pretty amazing list of authors. I think and. I can't wait to and i've now got pretty much all the stories so i can't wait to bring this out this fall for everyone to enjoy that says shapers of world's volume two and you can get shapers of roads volume one everywhere now or directly from shadow pop press again at shadow. Pa press dot com okay. I think that covers the introductory material today except reminds you that The world shapers. Podcast is part of the schedule and podcast network. Now let's get onto this episode's guest ryan van loan ryan van. Loan is a fantasy author. Who served six years as a sergeant in the united states army infantry pennsylvania national guard where he served on the frontlines of afghanistan ryan has traveled around the world wandering caribbean island hans exploring the palaces and cathedrals of europe and hiking with elephants in the rainforests of south east asia. All at the same time presumably his work has appeared in numerous places including george dot com and fireside magazine in his debut novel the sin the steal from tour books book one in the fall of the gods series came out in the summer of twenty. Twenty the sequel. The justice revenge just came out as this Goes in the last week and the conclusion to the series. The memory and the blood will be out next summer. So ryan welcome to the world shapers. Thanks for having me. It had to carefully the when it comes out because we're recording it. The day before it comes out tonight thirteenth despite episodes should go live and just a few days so it'll actually worked out pretty well here so yeah i always try to look for connections but I don't think i have any with your background there mike. My my family's military service tends to run to the navy the army. So don't hold that against me and other than that i we've never run into each other but i'm very happy to have you on. I guess we do have in common. The fact that you're next books coming out tomorrow in july thirteenth. And i'm putting out a young adult science fiction novel that i have wanted to put out for time tomorrow as well so we have that in common as well so i'm going to start taking you back into the mix of time looking at your bio. It seems clear that a you got started reading very early that you make a point of that in your bio and your longer bio and got interested in science fiction fatty early on as well so how did how did that. Come about for you. Where were you born. where did you grow up. And how did you get interested in reading and writing. Well great questions. So let's see i was. I was born in northern montana right on the canadian border. That's something whereabouts on the canadian. Border well havre montana. So that's eastern montana state reversed okay. I've actually been there because we took the train. Amtrak runs through however and we actually went. Is that where we picked it up. We picked it up wolf point and we took the train and they stopped in have her and we actually got to get out and walk around so.

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