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Up to two inches. Heavy rain at times alot of 66 Tomorrow. Partly cloudy high of 82 CBS News UPDATE. The Houston Independent School district has announced its plans for the fall semester. Interim superintendent granted that Lathan is delaying the start of classes for two weeks. But she says, parents get up to have their Children do online learning for the for months or even the whole school year. I need our Children to be safe. But I need the adults that are charged with serving those Children. I need them to be feel comfortable coming to work. And I want everyone in our district to be successful WWL radios, Dave Cohen says. In Louisiana, the Corona virus, says teachers in no rush to get back his grave concern for returning back to school. Union President Larry Carter says 58% of those surveyed Did not feel comfortable with schools re opening on time next month. Teachers at school employees want to, but they want to do it and the man of the faith it all comes as the U. S. It's about 137,000 deaths. CBS News Update A math Piper M J News time for 32 from the W T. M J Breaking News Center. A meeting between the Wauwatosa Police and Fire Commission is underway regarding charges brought forth against police officer Joseph MENSA, who's been involved in three deadly shootings in the last five years. See M J Force Ben Jordan's in Tosa. Thousands of protesters have gathered outside of City Hall with the plans of going inside the Police and Fire Commission case against Officer MENSA. Those protesters have since left. Many of them have gone back to their cars. After learning this Police and Fire Commission meeting is being held 100% virtually Mayor says public comment wouldn't have been allowed anyway to allow Officer MENSA due process Officer Mental was cleared in two previous shootings. The third is still under review are learning more about the man who drowned in the Milwaukee River over the weekend. 24 year old Avery Meeks was visiting Caesar's park with his girlfriend last Sunday when they ended up with the Humbled Avenue Bridge, he reported. He started swinging from a branch underneath the bridge, which snapped and sent him into the river below. The fire department says currents can swirl after heavy rainfall, which trapped Meeks under the water. His body was found last night in the same area where he went missing the victim's father, Every senior said his son didn't drink. Or do drugs. He says he was a student at M. E. T. C in Barber School. Alex Grow double M. J News. The Supreme Court's oldest justice is now out of the hospital. A Supreme Court spokesperson says 87 year old Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been discharged from the hospital and his home and doing well. Ginsburg was being treated for a possible infection. After experiencing fever and chills. Ginsberg has fun cancer and recovered from fractured ribs and other health issues over the years. Steve Dorsey CBS NEWS, Washington Someday news time.

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