Kadhafi, United States, Saddam Hussein discussed on Fresh Air


And they talk about this quite openly that the lesson of libya the lesson of kadhafi's fall was that if you go down that path you leave yourself vulnerable to the changing winds of united states and you can ultimately be cast aside and so kim jong un and his government are adamant that they will not make the same mistake that leads to the fact that this say under saddam hussein you know a lot of people in iraq hated him feared him had been tortured by him you know there were the there's suny insiders who supported him because they were part of his regime but in the shia and the people outside his regime lived in fear and so i think the bush administration thought well y overthrow saddam and people cheer and they welcome you and so on didn't work out that way but what look what what what sense did you getting north korea about what people's true feelings were of that kim jong whom who calls himself the supreme leader did you get any sense from the insiders who you spoke to land from people who were on the street who you try to talk to you when you're on the ground in north korea you get only the most sanitized and carefully administered official view there's no question about that an and that view is very clear which is that kim jongun is a wise and prudent and gifted lear and full stop and in really almost there is no deviation from and you know in and of itself that sort of an amazing thing to see just as an example of the effectiveness of propaganda and the and the effectiveness of the risk of stepping outside of that um and i should say that you're one of the reasons why people are so vigil i i've worked in a lot of authoritarian countries over the years have been to places that are repressive but north korea's in a class by itself i've never been to a place where there is as clear and.

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