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Mm after they decided to get rid of jordy nelson not before after they decided if it was before they actually cut him and it was it made the musicians made his so they're dealing strictly business okay we're not getting emotional with no tie no sentimental ties we got to cut you jordi by and it made heard a little bit but it's helped him i think in getting a couple of good player they cleared the room to get muhammad wilkerson so now air needs to take the same okay so it's all business all right don't don't worry don't look for me to be all lovey dovey and hagia here so long again for his personal say give you wants to stay there for a little less okay but be business like with these and i do think packers he's seeing how they're a little differently would you be okay with are you are you for giving team hometown discount for if you just wanted to be somewhere and you gave would you you know you loved it where you were playing would you give a little bit of a data quality of life matt so i'm not gonna completely dismiss that aspect of it but when you're in aaron rodgers position and you see what the organization has done right and their approach this off season i mean you can't fault aaron rodgers for exercise every bit of leverage that he possibly can and then you start hearing some of the sound bites coming out of that organization talking about we're going to do what's in the best interest of the green bay packers longterm mark murphy making those comments down at the owners meeting this weekend in orlando when you hear stuff like that era's is like okay if that's how play this game then this is exactly what i'm gonna do and outside of every other position quarterback is the one position in the nfl where you can dictate to the organization i wanna remind the audience something because the audience always seems to take management side in this thing i've never said this about sports fans the vast majority of us don't own a business the vast majority of.

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