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Yes, it's perfectly true. and was devastated when she learned about the fan. At we're talking about nineteen, nineteen, fifteen, nineteen, sixteen, nineteen seventeen So in that sense Yes, we could be moralistic because sent me that was. A time in in all society and culture when? It was very much frowned upon. A bubble you know eleanor was a was a In Cuba had grown up more than an inch. Have great compassion for because she was very isolated, even didn't have a great unit so. You know. The two of them have theon element. They grew as a result of that Shum. Adulterous affair and the way it came to an they grew. They throw necessary together as a as romantic couple, but they certainly agreed to give it as deeply committed. Husband and They achieved especially politically. I don't think we'll ever happen again. In American history, and FDR was. You know the man mainly responsible for law. He's always encouraging. However, Much rebounding on him as president of the United, states And encourage me politically, but enough private life. Had A number of friends of May, but mostly female and very tender relationships. said that they lesbian related. I know I. I just think they were very close very loving relationships. To. People like. Friend. And FDR Did his best to make that possible I. I think in many ways they. Are An ideal. So we get to the altar conference. Kind of the last major seen in the book and at the time, the atomic bomb is months away from being operational. How did President Roosevelt the bomb? And how did he view it as he was? In negotiations with Churchill and Stalin at Yalta. Well the story of if you need to make bombers little bit. Complicated because he obviously, he need not any new about it. He'd financed Scher Right. He was the man behind the palm Right the very beginning, and he put under the charge of the secretary of war. Henry stints. But you know. He walked over very kathleen as it was developed..

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