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Should work in the White House Donna you're on the Ben Ferguson show hi Tony right now are you today good Sir how are you I'm glad I think Tom and then ride the fireman I think you know your man a lot of major Veneman whatever it was although neither now I'm I mean your demands and more nice and I I think he's I think he's insubordination it'd be the bare minimum I I think this I think what this guy did is discussing I don't think you should be working and our tax dollars should be paying a salary that's my opinion yeah my day would you probably should send me a court martial there I don't know in a court martial if they change the law to fit it form and then he was a blood the Democrats went with it you know I I don't know if I would court martial and I don't like to weaponize government that way what I will say is you sure as hell should be working for the government I agree with the following and I'm taking this government about the the the administration of trump go sit in the back to the Pentagon but do not put him in any position where he is dealing with anything the presence dealing with especially when it comes to the type of conversations and he's been hearing that's my point I agree with you thank you brother good to talk to you five three five nine seven three two five three five nine seven three two why why do you do this to me D. as de has just sent me I want Ryan what's that guy's name Ryan what is it D. as Ryan pope pope pop whatever same as Ryan pope yeah pope whatever the guy right said nine OO one crap he said there's an article or did you just sent me let members decide whether its officers have to live in the city should members police officers live inside the city limits question markets question voters will gets inside this November unless it is the member city council takes the unlikely step of mixing the referendum in its next February eighteenth meeting and a subscriber store yesterday I don't know how anybody would pay to subscribe this paper but whatever one of the reporters interviewed several experts and advocates about residency requirements the common thread it's preferable to have officers live inside rather than outside the city limits hiring officers I'm familiar with the city or who don't share its values could create trouble and that strikes me as being self evidently true as I wrote a column last year all right fine I'll take the bait we'll we'll talk about Ryan tapes article coming up in a moment on the Ben Ferguson show and this just stupidity of liberalism and competency of these idiots I I say it again no one gives a crap when you dial nine one where the person slept last night I don't care if they fly to work every day when you dial nine one for fire and police are an ambulance you don't go excuse me would you please send somebody that lives in.

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