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The a g I'm Paul Stevens. Fox News reaction from congress still hot and heavy over the president's pick for interim attorney general more on that line now from FOX's Goodall. Scott, Paul Matt Whitaker as acting attorney general will oversee the special counsel's probe into Russian meddling. GOP Senator Lindsey Graham on CBS face. The nation says Whitaker's shouldn't have to recuse himself from that. They'll be no political influence put on Mr. Muller by Mr. Whittaker to do anything other than Mr. Muller's job. But democratic Representative Adam Schiff is one who is asking for ethical clarification even questioning on NBC's. Meet the press if Whitaker should have that job. There are serious constitutional arguments that as principal officer. He cannot be appointed to this position Whitaker was previously. Jeff Sessions chief of staff at DOJ, Paul gern, all some world leaders gathering in Paris today, remembering the armistice that ended World War One. French president Emmanuel. Chrome oh using the moment to denounce nationalism. A belief supported by President Trump nationally. Is a betrayal. Dissolve patriots. Bye. The others. We arrays. What is it life? What makes it grace, and what is essential its moral value through an interpreter there. President Trump later delivering remarks at an American cemetery outside Paris tension, rising in Florida counties. They're beginning recounting ballots in races for US Senate and also for governor. Republican candidates accusing the Broward County supervisor of elections of trying to the racism favor of Democrats this coming after officials admitted they mistakenly counted twenty two absentee ballots have been rejected. But said they can't do anything to fix it after they were mixed in with about two hundred legal ballots. This is Fox News. When.

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