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WLW the home of the Bearcats today it's a showdown for first place in the American as the Bearcats take on twenty fifth ranked Houston here to for teva center coach on behalf of bearcat fans we want to extend our condolences regarding the passing of your father yesterday he wasn't a coach but he raised two coaches were both highly successful what lessons did he teach you that apply to your chosen profession well you know you always made about people he was never about him he always made about others in the video he would always say of the cream rises to the top and if you put in the work in your dedicated you you put in every touch every day the cream rises itself and it's been a very emotional week this is help fell quickly begin the weekend thank goodness for our players and our coaching staff they provided tremendous support this weekend like I get the honor to coach with these guys work with these guys every day so to go from the situation I was in my family to walk on the court in the office with those guys the general supports in real support of Kirby all week and I'm very fortunate unfortunately you are missing one of those players today Jeremiah Davenport did not make the trip what can you share about his status re injured his knee one of you making this trip is kind of a win on Monday will no one know further prognosis after Monday's evaluation the doctor you haven't played since last Sunday and you gave the players a couple of days off early in the week did you notice a difference when the team returned to work I think so I'm used to this guy's banged up you know certain guys still can make it all the way through practice which is concerned but the same time I feel like they're fresher in the minds right and they were they were they were get after it so I did recognize a little bit of a difference but same time using it the same things we gonna come and compete to Karen Campbell injure thirteen files last Sunday including several hard fouls did you find yourself holding your breath every time he hit the deck hard until I mean he's a critic so hard he's so strong and so powerful that you know you know settle for part of the inventors known out of culture and was helpful and you know it's it's his game and it's it's it's what's main grace with twenty one of the elite players and you see history so I've learned to live with it it's entirely first in Houston today will come back and look at the Cougars.

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