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Sports radio and not with Dan schwartzman's. Thirty five yard field goal. The vikings. Snap spot Kara. He missed it again. And he missed you're right. For the third time in the history of the border battle. We have a time Daniel Carlson missed field goals today and the Vikings on the Packers finished tied at twenty nine. Courtesy of the Vikings radio. Now, are you can't make this up? An NFL kicker Daniel Carlson missing what in essence is an extra point. An NFL kicker missing a thirty five yard or one of three misses that will go down in history as Daniel Carlson's last attempt as a Minnesota Viking because he's officially been released today. Dan, Bailey has been brought in what's up surprised barely lasted this long meetings. Like the most accurate kicker in NFL history. The only thirty years old. What an absolute joke of the game where it ends twenty nine all, but more. So than the fact that the NFL has ties is a bunch of eighty year olds. It's so ridiculous. And we're going to get to that. Because to me it's utterly ridiculous and NFL game still ends in a tie as we saw not just Sunday. But we saw a week ago with Cleveland. And Pittsburgh in that game. Or what is you know? What's amazing? Why the percentage of field goal kickers from fifty plus yards is like seventy percent. You guys are missing thirty and forty yards like nothing. I'm watching the game guide to kickers one on the jets and one on on the dolphins miss extra points in the same game. I give me a break. Like what's happening here? Everybody's turning into Robert Aguayo. I mean, come on. This is utterly insane Carlson. Mrs three Zang Zalis MRs three or four both of them are jobless and probably will be for a long time. And these aren't like sixty yard attempts to try to win games. I was thirty five yard or which is a chip shot in the NFL these days ridiculous. But what's more ridiculous is what the NFL has become the NFL used to be the hard hitting sport. Where guys get smacked you hear the shoulder pads hidden you hear the helmets. Colliding? You hear the UIs in is the people in the stands because of a big hit. And now we've gone to the extreme opposite where we protect quarterbacks as if they are the ones playing flag football while everybody else is playing tackle football. So in a key situation on a. Third-down play believe it was clay Matthews junior comes in. Gets to Kirk cousins. In what seems to be a clean hit on the quarterback. He had him by the waist helmet to the side gets him down. Everything looks great until there's laundry on the field in the form of a yellow flag. It thinking what? Now. They call it a roughing the passer because he put his full body weight on the quarterback. What nonsense? Now we've seen legit hits where a guy literally jumps on the quarterback with his full body weight. And I get you don't want some three hundred and thirty pound fat defensive tackle. With all his way jumping on the quarterback. I get that you wanted to not be flat like a pancake. But if anybody in their right mind. Looks at that play from clay Matthews junior which nullifies a key interception at that point. You gotta think to yourself. How do you make that call in that situation? It's as innocent to play is you're going to see so clay Matthews who by the way got a roughing the passer week while which is more legit one. I mean that one you can look at and you say, you know, what that's Jit that one deserves a flag, no way. And by the way, I'm I don't care one way or the other. I'm not a fan of the Packers. I'm not a Vikings fan. So to me, I'm not sitting here saying, it's a great call because it helped Minnesota or I'm not going to see your entirely to terrible call because it hurt the Packers. And I'm telling you, it's a terrible called football fan. And I'm sick and tired of the nurturing of quarterbacks to where we are. Now, protecting them to the extreme where even something is innocent of what clay Matthews did on that play will be flagged. Clay Matthews though guy who doesn't usually come out and express his thoughts. As thoroughly did yesterday. Take a listen to what he said about that incident. We'll have his thoughts here in a minute. Because he's not a guy that's known to complain. Right. Clay Matthews juniors. Not a guy that comes out and complains and winds and to where you just say, oh here he goes again. Take a listen a clay Matthews. We're starting to be honest with you. Have.

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