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Greg is off Scott is here he's at the Johnson Bank sports desk hit their Scott good afternoon John you just read the David, Stern statement in response to the Twitter storm and the firestorm after the. Tweets came to fruition, from Josh hater knowledgeable major league baseball, had to say this from the Commissioner's office today during last night's game we became aware of Mr. haters unacceptable social media. Comments in years past and have since been in communication with the brewers regarding our shared, concerns after the game Mr. hater took the necessary, step of expressing remorse for his highly offensive and hurtful language. Which fails to represent the. Values of our game and our expectations for those who are a part of it and here's the key line. The office of the Commissioner will require sensitivity. Training for Mr Haider and participation in MLB's diversity. And inclusion initiatives so that is the extent. Of MLB statement some. People. Thought might there be a suspension coming it would not appear to be so brewers radio. Play by play man Jeff levering reacting. To what happened and has unfolded over the last twelve hours or so I don't condone what he said not. By any stretch but if it's a really. Unfortunate situation for Josh and one that he's going. To have to answer questions about everywhere you, go from now moving forward By, the way David Stearns brewers general manager will join Wisconsin's morning news tomorrow at eight ten how about Manny Machado all the reports said he would be maybe a dodger by the time that I speak these. Very words but that's not the, case and, within the last hour or so baseball insiders Steve Phillips is reporting that the deal with the dodgers and. The Orioles, may be on hold as one or more. Of the prospects, coming from, Los Angeles to Baltimore may. Have some issues in their, physicals the. Plot thickens speaking of trades quiet Leonard the standout San Antonio spur of the NBA headed to Toronto, in a trade involving raptors guard Dhamar rose. And finally John tonight going to be. A great night no baseball yet of course but there will be baseball there will be a brewers classic broadcast we turn it back to September of twenty eight Milwaukee's. Win over the cubs and the final day the regular, season that clinched a playoff berth it all starts at six o'clock tonight going to be a great night of brewers baseball in one form or another You're, on WTMJ all right you're right Scott good. Stuff up next, has a, democrat separated from the pack..

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