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So celebrity big brother's been so many arguments, but I just I'm just I just don't want to jinx it for the people that are doing well on their now by talking about it. I'm sorry to make me watch it. It's good. I just wanna shout out Koran. I hope I'm saying his name right corron Keiron Smith on YouTube YouTube channel, they had all the big brother things uploaded like time. Yeah. He was like big brother. The show is good. But like the real moments are on the downtime that these clips come up in and I used to watch when I was younger, my mom, and we were talking about this the other day how we remember rooting for people back in the day. And I was like the game just changes so much now like on these episodes. But watching the celebrities talk about like, you know, celebrity shift from Lolo and candy. We're talking about being famous and how they handle that and candy in are. We're talking about stuff from when they were younger hanging out. And even Dina lo Han talking about her dating life like little interesting. It's like that from these people you're getting to know as well as them having conversations about trying to, you know, vote the right way and win games and Keach other out super super dome show them on the live feed. Yes, uncensored. Yes. That's what makes. The. You hear like you'll even here over the thing. Big brother, son them to just they microphone and not obstruct about and things feeding if they are about to reveal something they'll cut the fees. We'll be right back, but like cut to another feed and other room or something like so one thing I will say so on top of all of those on top of those interesting like suspenseful twist and ties to the game. Right. Then have the added dynamic of who are the celebrities. They picked to play the game. Here's why that gets cool taymor and candy have a very storied past with one another right? They were both put into this house. Obviously, you can't leave out the house. You have to talk about stuff. They get to a point where they're working their issues out and things get kinda hot. But here's where it gets cooled about who is chosen there. Two very black women, and they had this argument while one of them had a house code on. Okay. And a shower cap over Iraq because she didn't want the steam in the shower her hair up. Okay. The other. Hand how shoes? Okay, this is while they're arguing the other one tamer has a body towel wrapped around her and his literally greasing up with oil putting it on her arms and SOLAS has there are going to see this guy at this hour and they're both wearing house shoes. It was one of the black. Ever seen in my life. And that's what makes it so interesting. I already said too much. I don't want any bad juju on the beat or the show can't move on. And I just say one thing I was talking about that blackness. I was watching one of the things I promise I'm done where Dana was China. Eat the portu- or figure cooking lamb and later on she when upstairs, and so take Mark came in the kitchen the cooking. Ricky was like oh Deena said she wanted to learn how to.

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