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So we've made it as glamorous a position as can be with as much protection I think as any position in any sport so you get outside the tackle box either way from under center and you go five yards this way five yards that way great you can throw the freaking ball into the stands if you want as long as you hit the line of scrimmage there's no loss of down there's no penalty nothing you can run you can slide you slide feet first they can't touch you legally if they even die that you and your sliding fee first they're getting flag most of the time so position is being made as safe as possible for the quarterback but when you see some of these roughing the passer calls now the clay matches one from last year all the other big guy that got hurt I I think it was against the raiders Haynes or whatever from Miami I just you know in this one on Hearst I'm just like are you kidding me I understand if there's intent for pile driving a guy because you want to stay away from the separated shoulders and or the broken bones and you're talking about the ribs and things like that totally understand and I think we could see that with replay with intent and I think it's something that really doesn't take that long to look at it something that to where if you look if you say you know what maybe the guy had maybe the old man because what what these guys are you know over forty forty five years old maybe the old man had a bad angle maybe aegis it look bad because there's times that we've seen to where things look like for scholars face mask and then we see the replay I was like oh my god he grabbed a shoulder pad but I swear it looked like he grabbed the facemask life so.

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