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The NBA to the NHL announcing today will be no one in the stands for the big event this year because of wrestling to the corona virus as a result Buffett says the may second may will be streamed live on Yahoo was some journalists on hand to ask questions stocks soared today after yesterday's bigger plunge the Dow up nineteen hundred eighty five points this is NPR Louisiana today became the first U. S. state to postpone its presidential nominating contest because of the corona virus pandemic while four states are holding their primaries next week and they say those elections will go forward as planned with sand officials say they'll postpone their scheduled April fourth primary June twentieth the best protect the health and safety of Louisiana voters and voting officials for states holding their primaries Tuesday Arizona Florida Illinois and Ohio in a joint statement say they'll move ahead with their contest while taking steps to ensure public safety Virginia's governor Ralph Northam announced today all state public schools will be closed there for at least two weeks to help prevent the spread of Kobe nineteen Megan Pauley of member station BPM as more the announcement comes after governor Northam declared a state of emergency on Thursday amid a growing number of confirmed cove in nineteen cases at that time he was still leaving it up to individual school districts to decide whether or not to close but now northern has changed his mind ordering all districts to shut down for a minimum of two weeks starting Monday the Virginia department of education has received a waiver from the federal government to allow schools to distribute meals to students and families the logistics are still being sorted out for NPR news I'm Megan Pauly in Richmond the corona virus pandemic that is sweeping the globe also appears to be moving closer toward president trump is top aides and members of his own family White House grappling with a number of potential confirmed exposures a top.

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